The Ryan Guzman Tweet

From the movie Step Up Revolution, Ryan Guzman the lead male dancer likes to express himself through his tweets. I read all his tweets day to day, this tweet I picked specifically shows Ryan is hard working. To post “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one,” Ryan is telling us that everything done is worth while. The quote is focusing on not wishing for things to come easy, harder is better. Although this quote may work for many aspects, It goes great with dancing. When dancing or learning a new dance, you may struggle with serval moves or have issues with judges evaluating and preferring your style over someone else’s. Being able to understand and change is good, you can’t take the easy way out. There is no easy way out in dance because everything is so particular and specific. Each move has to flow, hit, and be executed well or else there goes half or a whole point. Dance is difficult because It’s not a win or a lose situation. The competition depends on the level of ability, how well a certain style is performed, and mainly on preference and opinion of your six judges. Year to year, the Kennedy Varsity Dance Team goes to a State competition and performs a jazz and pom routine. Usually the pom routine will place higher then jazz, not because jazz is terrible but because jazz can be interrupted in so many different ways and each year it comes down to what the judges enjoy watching the most. Pom on the other hand is more straight forward, your hard hitting type of dance with many jumps. I would definitely say after competing both dances pom is harder then jazz but that doesn’t mean jazz comes easy. Jazz is still hard and becomes harder every year when we as dancers know the dance lacks points at the State competition compared to Pom. Just as Ryan quotes, “..pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” because in the end everything is worth it. After placing sixth at State last year in jazz, our team worked so hard and at the Regional competition a month later we won first place. Nothing came easy for the team but as soon as we won we knew all our hard work had paid off. Being champions was an awesome feeling to end the season with.


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