Day One In The Big City

When traveling to a big city It involves lots of planning and mapping out what to do on each day. As soon as our family decided we were going to New York City my mom researched and looked for the top attractions to go visit. Then she booked certain tours and grouped the close ones together. On the first day, our family woke up at 6am to catch the subway to take us to the 8am liberty tour to the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island. We cruised through the harbor past “Lady Liberty” and then arrived on Ellis Island where the immagration  historic site is located. Two hours went by and we had walked through halls and main rooms of where the immigrates passed through when coming to America. Next we hopped back on the ferry back to land and ventured through Wall Street to see the Stock Exchange and on the way we saw the Charging Bull. At this point, It was 12:30 and everyone was extremely hungry considering we had breakfast at 6 that morning. For lunch we went to Mighty Quinn’s, a recommendation from Frommer’s. There we all got barbecue, pulled pork sandwiches. Not that our tummies weren’t full enough but we had to try the another recommendation, Spinkles Cupcakes. All of the cupcakes were on display and made our mouths water. I got the smore cupcake and oh was it delicious. Next on the agenda was the 9/11 museum and memorial. To think the museum was going to be a quick stop was false. Our family spent three and a half ours walking around, watching videos and looking at visuals from the horrible 9/11 attack. To say the least, very sad and touching is how I would describe the atmosphere and affects of the museum. Finally, our last event before dinner was to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the United States. Halfway across the bridge we decided we had enough walking and were ready for some dinner. A quick bit to eat was just right for us because we were determined to catch the Staten Island ferry tour. On this tour we got to ride across the harbor and look back on the city skyline at night. Looking at all the lights and tall buildings was so incredible. Well this topped off our first day, I would have to say we over did it. Having walked 25,000 steps my feet were killing me. I definitely was not ready to wake up the next morning and do it again but why not when you’re in New York City.


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