First Night In New York City

Peering out the window from many feet above ground and looking down on city lights at night was super fascinating. My family flew into New York City at 9:30pm on Saturday, August 15th. We got to view the biggest city in the United States from a birds eye view at night, how cool right. Aboard the plane my mom and I sat by each other, this means we were examining the city and pointing out big buildings and bridges together. As we were pointing, we aimlessly were calling out “That’s the Brooklyn Bridge” or “That’s the Empire State Building.” Just as we knew it the guy sitting across the isle from us was from New York and kindly explained we were wrong; you will not be able to see the Brooklyn Bridge from where we were flying. Suddenly, we landed filled with excitement from the plane ride to go explore the big city. First, we took a taxi to the Sheraton to check in and drop off the luggage. By this time it was 10:30 and everyone was starved, we then walked to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. I have never walked into such a diner, not only did they serve food and beverages, the waiters were all good singers and gave us a show throughout our whole meal. My mac n cheese was delicious and our waiter even sang to me about the mac n cheese. Quickly, we had lost track of time and it was already midnight. Time to walk back and get some rest. Not in New York City, people in the city never rest. The whole walk back we had venders calling for us to come watch a comedy club, have a salted pretzel, look at purses or watches, there was even people wanting us to take a horse ride. Knowing my mom and I we had to take a look at the purses and scope out the best ones. Although we had more time, our family all knew the morning would sneak up on us so we passed on the other opportunities and went back to the Sheraton. We got back around 12:30 and crashed. Nothing felt better after a long day of flying then to just put my feet up and lay down. I knew soon enough my alarm would be going off for the next adventure in the big city. As excited as I was It was good for me to get my sleep!


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