How To Prepare

My favorite part is getting ready with the team. Before all our performances wether it be football games, camp, or a competition the Kennedy Dance Team always gets ready together. Usually, a senior year member on the team will have the team come over to their house and get ready. Getting ready isn’t just putting on an outfit and looking at ourselves in the mirror. In order for the dance team to be ready, we do our hair together, apply each others makeup, eat a meal, and take many pictures. Specifically for football games, we have the choice of curling or straightening our hair and can do whatever we please with our makeup. Everyone generally wears their hair down, the only requirement is to have our bangs out of our face so we can see while we are dancing. Now, for competitions the rules are way more strict stating our hair has to be in a high bun on the crown of our head. Makeup is strict too, we do some eye shadow with lots of glitter covering it to stand out to the judges. Both performances are fun to get ready for, we all sit around and talk and get each other pumped up to dance. A lot of the time music will be playing and snacks will be set out; my favorite is the desserts! Lastly, we all have to get to our destination somehow and this consists of everyone pilling in a bunch of cars. On the way we jam to music and follow each other down the road. When we finally get to either the football field or the competition we all walk in together. One of my favorite parts is walking into a football game with my team and walking past the crowd all in uniform and ready to perform. The memories will never grow old and I’m so happy I have got the opportunity to experience being a part of the dance team.


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