My First Year On The Dance Team

Going into a new season is so unexpected. You don’t know how the new team will cooperate or how your routines will develop or even how the dances will place at every competition. My first year on the Kennedy Varsity Dance Team I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Quickly, I realized how hard working the team was. We practiced everyday of the summer for at least 2.5 hours and during the school year as well. Before we knew it, our first competition hit at the University of Iowa. Pom and Jazz are the two dances the team always takes to compete. Our pom placed higher then jazz, although pom placed higher, we still didn’t win. Winning is always a teams goal no matter what you compete for. We didn’t give up, this was a “wake up call,” we needed to step up our game and bring it for the next competitions. The Prarie competition was next, since we had been practicing for numerous hours we did improve. Prarie has many teams at their competition, some good and some bad. We were one of the better ones and knowing that we didn’t have too much to worry about. The dance team was well aware we would be facing way more extreme teams at the State level. Scary as it is, we had to compete against all the teams in the state. We had several three hour practices after school trying to perfect and complete the routine. Then, the time had come and we were inside the Wells Fargo Areana waiting to take the dance floor. After our two performances we knew we did the best we could and that’s all that matters in the end. We didn’t place as high as we wished for but again we were up against the number one teams in the state, the teams who place in the top five or ten at Nationals. Nothing to get down about, we had one competition left and that was Regionals. No giving up now, we have had a whole year to get ready for this moment. Taking on Regionals at the Mall of America was so much fun! Our coach took us up a day early to go shopping and kind of relax our minds before the big day. Waking up on competition day is frightening, you are nervous about your turns, jumps, remembering certain moves and just doing your absolute best. As we entered the competition, we went straight to warmup for the real performance. Then the judges called The Kennedy Dance Team to take the floor. We knew it wasn’t spectacular but everyone was proud of each other and what we had come to be. Beginning the season with three returning members and 11 new members, we had an excellent season. As we hugged everyone goodbye I was already excited for the next season. I thought to myself, “this is just my freshman year, we have so much potential in years to come.”


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