Shopping In New York City

Walking down the streets in New York City is unbelievable, looking up at skyscrapers and being surrounded by hundreds of businesses is eye opening. With in all the businesses you can find restaurants, offices, and most importantly shops. In New York City there are so many shops It Is impossible to view them all in a four day vacation. On Frommer’s website for shopping in New York City he explains how many visitors appear in the city to shop right around fall time before Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanza. Mr. Frommer believes the spenders want to get their holiday shopping out of the way. Shoppers know the big city of New York will have what they want so coming to New York is easy and fun. Frommer’s website also explains how you can find a way around the sales tax and bring home some good bargains. When my family and I vacationed to New York, we did a lot of sight seeing and touched on a couple days of shopping. My mom and I love to shop and we took a shopping tour in the Garmet district which is a part in the city where a lot of show rooms are hidden. On this shopping tour our tour guide took us to 6 different show rooms with different designer items. We got to look around and purchase some new fashion pieces. A couple of the pieces were kimonos, bohemian styles, furs, dresses, jewelry, and footwear. Everything was very new to my eye considering I come from Iowa where the fashion isn’t city like at all. Other then the shopping tour in the Garmet district, my mom and I boarded the hop on/hop off city bus tour. On board of the city bus we got to experience an awesome tour guide and we got to stop in the top rated village for shopping, Soho. Soho village included so many shops that given two hours my mom and I didn’t even tackle 1/4 of them. Just to look around and walk through all the unique boutiques was really neat, defiantly something we don’t have here in Iowa. For the least I can say, the shopping was incredible and I would love to go back and maybe shop during the fall/winter time when I can shop for the holidays. Mr. Frommer had a great idea and I would like to take part in it. Check out his website here and maybe consider making a trip to New York yourself before the big holidays.


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