Day Two In The Big City

Waking up on my second day in New York City I was worried It was going to be another 25,000 steps which did not sound delightful. I realized I only had four days in the city and needed to make the best of It. On the schedule for day two was to walk through Central Park and just kind of adventure. When you think of Central Park you might be thinking of some little playground park. No, this is serious, Central Park is 778 acres. The first exhibit our family visited was the Zoo. In the zoo you could find butterflies, snow leopards, grizzly bears, snakes, red pandas, monkeys, parrots, and my favorite the penguins. With the zoo came many smells, the smells all differed depending on the area in which you were in. Next we strolled over to the carousel with many colorful horses to ride. During the carousel ride I learned I was upon some of the tallest carousel horses in the United States. Now It was time for a little snack. My family went to one of Frommer’s recommended restaurants. The Loeb Boathouse, overlooked a pond and contained many bakery and ice cream options. Considering how hot my family and I all were, we all got a chocolate and vanilla twisted cone. There was no time to waist, as we were walking along we got pulled into a little act going on by three men. Flips, jumps,  and hip hop dancing doesn’t even describe these men, they pulled people out of the crowd to be in there show. My dad and brother were actually used in one of the acts to be jumped over. As scared as they were, I had a great time watching and laughing along with everyone else. Up next was a hike to the John Lennon Memorial. I didn’t know what to except but this memorial lay on the ground saying “Imagine.” The memorial was well kept and looked like what is shown in the picture below.

This photo of Central Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

At the memorial there was many other people observing it. Finally, our family had seen and experienced everything we had desired to for that day. We walked back to the Sheraton and got ready for dinner and the Broadway production, Aladdin later that night. Although we spent many hours in Central Park, we didn’t even make it halfway through the whole park. Maybe someday I will get the opportunity to travel back to the city and view more of the beautiful park.


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