Night Life In The Big City

Many interesting events take place at night. You are never bored because there is always something to do or to watch or to see. During nighttime in the big city of New York, my family and I went to two Broadway shows, Top Of the Rockefeller center, and walked through Timesquare. First, the two shows were amazing. I usually don’t like musicals and plays but these two Broadway productions caught my attention! The two we saw were Aladdin and Mama Mia. Two completely different shows, both really cute. Aladdin I would say was my favorite out of the two due to the creative sets and the great costuming selections. Some of the costumes were said to be from Africa and contained lots of beads, jewels, and funky fabrics. The sets on the other hand were really entertaining, especially when Aladdin and Jasmine all of a sudden are literally flying around the stage on a “magic carpet.” Mama Mia was fantastic as well, we sat in the box seats for this show and I got to kick back and relax. Another opportunity we had at night was to view the whole city from the Top Of The Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center isn’t quite as tall as the Empire State building but after reading reviews, It was said to be mostly the same view for $10 cheaper so why not. Still, It was amazing to be on an observatory deck 70 floors above ground overlooking all the city lights. Being so high up was a little frightening  but with all the distractions from the beautiful view I got my mind off it. Lastly, thousands of people, bright lights, different advertisement screens, may noises and lots of entertainment would describe Timesquare. Walking into Timesquare at night Is like walking into the school cafeteria when there is no smart lunch. Crowded, packed, busy and impossible to move. But don’t get the wrong idea Timesquare was really neat, we went to the top of the TKTS ticket booth to take several pictures. My dad and I got lots of good panoramas while we blocked 50 other peoples view. Other then the TKTS ticket booth we went to the grand M&M store, Hershey’s store, and Recess Store to check out all the sweets. My dad and I both have a sweet tooth and could eat chocolate for days. All these activities pretty much sums up ours night life in the city. I would love to go back someday and maybe experience a comedy club or more Broadway productions. Big cities are my favorite and I would like to go back but before then I want to see a different city.


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