Last Day In New York City

The days went by fast, and we had eventually made it to our last day. Sad to see the trip coming to an end but also exciting to be done with walking 25,000 steps a day. On the last day It was kind of up to everyone on what they desired to see last minute. My mom and I decided we had wanted to take the double-decker city bus tour. This tour was quite a ride, we got to see all of Manhattan which is the island New York City is located on. Although we got to see all of Manhattan, we just saw areas south of our hotel because we didn’t have time to stay along route for the northern areas. First we started in Times Square as the bus took us through the Garment District and next we rode by the New York Public Library. Many great views to observe and take pictures of. Past the Empire State Building we trailed into the Flat Iron District and union square. In the Flat Iron District my mom and I got to spot Madison Square Park. Madison Square Park is a huge area with green grass filled with people for concerts and many other events. Coming up was Noho and Soho, the two best places for shopping in New York City. At this point my mom and I hopped off to go look around and get a sense of New York style. Then we realized time was getting away from us and we needed to hop back on the tour. As we boarded the tour we headed into little Italy and china town, neat to see the differences upon each. After those towns, we swooped back up and around to see the Highline. The Highline was so significant because we got to view a park with trees and seating areas on an old railroad. I nudged my mom and said “next time we come to NYC we have got to experience the Highline.” As the clock kept ticking we were nervous we weren’t going to make it back in time for dinner with my dad and brother. Lastly, we rolled by Madison Square Garden where big named artists come to perform. Quickly, we were back to where we started and hiked back to our hotel. Fortunately, we had just made It in time to get ready for dinner. Riding the double-decker bus in New York City was a good decision because we saw basically the whole city in a couple hours. I recommend for you to take up the opportunity If you ever visit New York.


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