Dance Camp Day One

Summer has started, this means lay back, relax and enjoy the sun. Not all the time though, dance season has kicked into gear and the Kennedy Dance Team is learning their pom routine and getting ready for camp. Camp for our dance team is at the end of July at the University of Northern Illinois. During this camp we don’t only compete but also learn many new routines and tricks. Since camp is super important and fun our coach makes sure we have a set plan. We arrive at Kennedy to leave at 6:30 in the morning on a Monday. Then our “spirit committee” gives us our camp gifts and we take many “send off to camp” pictures. Eventually we will leave and arrive to camp around 10:30 to get settled into our rooms. After setting up our rooms and opening our roommates gifts we take a walk to Subway before our big day of dancing. Before we know it, 1:30 has come and we are required to be on the dance floor ready to learn some sidelines and our team routine. While learning at camp you have to be super focused and motivated because there are many other teams sharing the gym with you and Its hard to hear and see the instructor. Suddenly our stomachs are hungry and our legs are ready for a break. Dinner isn’t served until drill downs are completed though. At camp everyday before a meal we will make squad lines and do military drill downs as shown in the image below. Drill downs are competitive, seeing if you are good enough to get a ribbon. Dinner on the first night is always rushed because you have to allow time for yourself to get ready to compete “home” routine. Home routine is always nerve raking considering It is the first competition of the year. So we venture on up to the dorms to put on our uniforms and do each others hair and makeup. The time has now become 6:30pm and we are waiting to take the floor. Finally, our performance is over and we are back to more dancing until 9:00. Practice areas close at 9:00 and we are forced to go back to the dorms to shower and team bond. Our team always stay up pretty late team bonding which makes It for some longer days ahead of us. But what’s camp without a little team bonding and fun? Everyone receives a notebook from our coach to share around and let teammates right a little message to you. These messages are “warm fuzzys” as we call them. Meaning nice notes about being on a team together, our dancing abilities and whatever else you may want to share. Writing gets to be a late night activity which makes you sleepy. You would then go back to your room and rest up before another early morning of dance.


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