Dance Camp Day 2

Felling tired and aching all over, I had to get out of bed for another long day of dancing. Day two of camp is definitely the hardest of the four days. The team wakes up and goes to breakfast at 7:30 and then is expected to be in the gym ready to learn and stretch at 8:30. First, the instructors will start the day off with a daily stretch leading to some warm-up activities. Then we will split off and go to the area where we learned our “Team” routine the previous day. The staff will give us dancers about 40 minutes working and trying to remember what we learned on day one. Shortly after, we split off from our teammates and go into our “B” routines. “B” routines can be jazz, lyrical, hip hop, or pom. I was in a hip hop dance last summer for my “B” routine while meeting dancers from other schools. Universal Dance Association also known as UDA staff will then gather everyone up and send them off to their “C” routines which is the same concept of a “B” routine, you are just learning a different style of dance. Last summer for my “C” routine I was in a pom dance to the song, Up Town Funk. About an hour has past and the staff is calling us to meet and do some drill downs before our meal. Quickly, we make squad lines and complete the drills and head to the cafeteria for some refreshing food. Lunch doesn’t take too long and then we get a little down time to work on our “warm fuzzy” books as explained in the last post. Although down time seems nice, It Is already time to go back and dance for the rest of the afternoon. In the afternoon we go to a “technique” class and practice our “Team” routine. Doing both these takes up a couple hours and as soon as we know it UDA staff is telling us to make some squad lines. Dinner is ready for us and we can hardly wait to dig in and fill up two tall glasses of chocolate milk. At least that’s what I do and then get three plates full of salad and chicken fingers with fries. You might think, wow now they get to go up to the dorms. Incorrect, dancers are required to be back on the floor at 6:30 for a little bit of practice time. Then to conclude the night we have a relaxing cool down which consists of long stretches, slow music, and silence. I would say the cool down Is my favorite part of camp, just being relaxed and knowing you’ve worked hard that whole day Is great.


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