Last Day at Camp

Excited and nervous at the same time is what you feel in the morning on the last day. The last day of camp is super exciting because your parents come to watch you perform the new dances you’ve learned and you get to go home. For me, I get to travel to Chicago after camp. I also get the feeling of nervousness too due to having to remember my routines and perform them for ribbons. There are three types of ribbons, a blue one is first place, a red is second place and a white is third place. Ultimately, the goal Is to achieve all blue ribbons. The Kennedy Dance Team is known for getting blue ribbons. Speaking from experience, no one has ever got under a blue ribbon at camp in the past three years. Other than competing for a blue ribbon, performing is fun because the UDA staff will watch you and complement your abilities. To start off the day, the team wakes up and has their last team meal in the cafeteria. Then we walk over to the gym while many parents have already arrived. My parents of course like to get their sleep and show up just in time to watch my last performance. Doesn’t bother me though, we start stretching and warm-up as a group and then all the dancers will sit down to start watching the different routines. After the “B” and “C” routines are completed, awards start. Awards are fun, the Kennedy Dance Team will make a big circle and hold hands as our division for our “Home” routine is being announced. At camp this last summer our team won. What a great way to end camp, right? We were all so excited, and on top of winning we all received blue ribbons. These two achievements qualified the Kennedy Dance Team to get invited to Nationals down in Orlando, Florida. Although we got invited, our coach just recently decided we will not be attending Nationals. Nothing to get down about, we still have a winning routine to show off at the upcoming competitions. Camp is always an awesome time with the team, but It definitely feels good to leave and relax your legs. Every year after camp I sleep for a whole day because of how exhausted I become.


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