Honeymoon Beach

Knowing my family loves to travel, our favorite spot is the beach. We have been to several beaches in the U.S. and some out of the country. Every time we plan a vacation, usually a beach is involved. Especially on spring break, my family likes to get the heck out of snowy, miserable Iowa and vacation somewhere warm and sandy.

The warm sand in-between my toes is one of the best feelings to me. As my mom and I walk along every beach looking for sea shells or just to enjoy the moment,  we always “rate” the beach. One of the beaches making our list of top three is the North Shore beach in Oahu, Hawaii. Second is Ocracoke beach located on the Otter Banks of North Carolina. Lastly, my very favorite beach of all time is Honeymoon beach on the island of St. John.

None of the other beaches I’ve been to even compare to how beautiful Honeymoon beach is. Before I ever visited Honeymoon beach I had no idea what to except. I think I just kind of thought “Oh It will be nice like all the other beaches I’ve been on.” Incorrect, It was gorgeous. The beach had the smoothest, creamy sand I have ever picked up. As your hands would grasp the sand It was so fine, the particles would gently fall through your fingers. Also, the beach had clear, glossy water in which the sun shown right through. There was nothing in the world to complain about while relaxing on this beach.

My family and  I came across this beach from one of Frommer’s recommendations. We were traveling on a cruise ship in which ported on St. Thomas and decided to take a snorkeling excursion bringing us to St. John. The excursion even gave us a chance to look at the coral and colorful fish beneath the surface of the gentle water. I even swam over a sting ray that was all flustered up in the sand. When I got to shore to lay out on the beach I told my mom I never wanted to leave and since then I have always wanted to vacation back to St. John’s Honeymoon beach. Our tour guides even said If you’re lucky enough you may hear or even see a wild donkey roaming around the trees.


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