Playa Del Carmen

While opening gifts on Christmas Eve I found out I was vacationing to Playa Del Carmen for spring break in March 2014. I can still remember how excited I was as I texted my friend, Karlynn that was also going on the trip.

The week was here, our flight flew out at 9am on Saturday morning. My family arrived at 8pm that night at our resort. Our resort was the Iberostar Quetzal having a jungle, beach, entertainment, food, and more. The jungle was my family and I’s least favorite part. Included with the jungle came wild monkeys, peacocks, Mexican rats, and other critters that I couldn’t even describe. Out of all these wild creatures, the peacocks were definitely the worst. Waking up at 5am to the sound of mad peacock noises was not the type of vacation my mom and I were looking for. We like to sleep in and be relaxed when on a trip at the beach. Not only did the noises bug us but every time you would walk past one or encounter a peacock they would flare their feathers. Anyways Karlynn and I met up everyday, we would layout on the hot, soft sand for hours. Other activities we found was parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing, beach “photo shoots,” and of course playing in the ocean. I will never forget the time we went kayaking though, we thought It would be fun to go out in the ocean, lay down, and enjoy the sun. Yeah, bad idea as we didn’t even think the tide would take us down the coast. When Karlynn and I sat up we were a good four miles away from our resort. Quickly, we kayaked to shore and drug the kayak all the way back four miles. Let me tell you, It was awful.

My family and I were in Playa Del Carmen for five days. On one of the days, my mom and I went to downtown Playa and went shopping. The shops were little and limited. I got a tank top, a long sleeve shirt and some key chains for my friends back home. Other then downtown Playa, we never left the resort. I think If my family and I were to go back we would go to a place in Mexico with more variety because doing the same thing day after day got kind of boring. Five days was enough and we were all ready to fly back home, well except we didn’t want to leave 85 degree weather. Coming home from spring break is always hard due to Iowa winter being cold for another month. The trip to Playa Del Carmen was fun but my family concluded we would rather go to a destination with more options of things to do and see.


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