Chicago Anytime

Having a dad who grew up in Chicago makes for numerous trips back to the Windy City of Chicago. Growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has been great although, It’s always interesting to experience bigger cities. My family goes to Chicago about three times a year and sometimes I go with my friend, Jane who’s family owns a flat in downtown. One of my favorite times I visited The Windy City was for the 4th Of July.

It was last minute, I had a day to pack and get ready to leave town for the weekend. Jane invited me to go with her family to Chicago to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Other then leaving my other friends I was super excited for the holiday. Why not take the opportunity to go somewhere fun for the Fourth?  We started the four hour drive on Thursday and arrived that night. Her family took us to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner. I couldn’t even read the menu it was so fancy. Then to conclude the night we went to a comedy show where improv was being performed. This comedy club was at Second City Theatre in Downtown. The acts were impressive considering the actors made up the material on the spot. After many laughs we went back to the flat and got some rest. Sleeping in was nice the next morning as we woke up to the sun shining through our window. A beautiful day for the 4th Of July to occur on. We weren’t going to waist a great day in Chicago. Jumping into our swim suits and heading out the door was what happened. In a matter of time we were on North Ave Beach, laying out and observing all the beach parties and thousands of people. I have never seen a beach so packed. Everyone was decked out in their red, white and blue attire partying it up. A couple hours on the beach was perfect because we had an hour drive to Gurney, Illinois. Gurney is a suburb north of Chicago and includes many lakes flowing through it. In Gurney lived Jane’s grandma in a lake house. We got to take a boat ride that night and watch all the fireworks light up around the lake. How cool right? Viewing hundreds of fireworks shoot up around and through the lake was eye opening. The way the colors reflected off the water was nothing I’ve ever seen before. Spending The Fourth Of July with Jane and her family was super fun. I hope to return to Chicago again with her for a long weekend. There is so much to do in Chicago and even if we weren’t in town for the Fourth I know we would have another good time together.


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