The Chance To Go To Australia

I’ve always dreamed of traveling to Australia. You probably wonder why there? I have many reasons but one specific one sticks out to me. When I was a little girl, I would get babysat by Jennifer, she was a neighbor girl up the street from me. I always looked up to her in everything she did, not only the sports she played, but the journey she took in life. When she went off the college we would write letters back and forth. I always looked forward to getting a new letter in the mail. In the last letter she sent me, It said how she was going to be studying abroad in Australia and I wouldn’t hear back from her for quite a while. I was sad but also knew she would really enjoy the time being.

After seeing pictures, videos and many posts from Jennifer on Facebook while she was in Australia I knew I wanted to visit there someday. Jen did so many activities other than just study. Not to forget how gorgeous the landscape looked.

In ninth grade, I did a project on Australia about certain facts and features of the country. Even after the project I still have the burning urge to fly out there someday. If I were to go I would like to go sky diving, view the Great Barrier Reef, walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge, relax on Bondi Beach, shop in the Queen Victoria Market, and see the kangaroos. I have heard many awesome reviews on the Great Barrier Reef from people who have visited it. If you would like to look into it more you can visit this website. The Great Barrier Reef stands out to me because It would be something different that no other place in the world has.





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