Cruises or destinations

In the past several years, my family has traveled to various places in the world. We like to change it up though, not only do we fly somewhere and land in a specific spot for a week, we also cruise the ocean blues. I enjoy both options of vacationing and like to do each one every once in a while.

In my opinion you can experience just as much and even more when cruising. Yes, you might only have one day or a certain amount of hours in one spot to explore on a cruise ship but that doesn’t limit your sight seeing. I think my family gets in more activities and views attractions on cruises. The reason being because you are at a different place everyday. When vacationing to one destination, you are stuck there for days on end. Generally you would just adventure on that one area opposed to many different ones.

My family has been on three cruises, all in the Caribbean during spring break. With all the cruises we’ve sailed on, no certain one was better than the other. They all had great food, entertainment, ports to stop at, and nice weather. The first cruise we took was when I was in seventh grade to the central Caribbean. This cruise was a Holland America cruise named the Eurodam which ported at the following places, St. Thomas, Half Moon Cay, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk. Then we loved this variety so much we decided to cruise again my eighth grade year to the western Caribbean. We sailed on the Carnival Liberty ship taking us to Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, and Costa Maya. Lastly, was when I was a sophomore we decided to take a cruise not only for the places but the boat name, Princess. Our last cruise was the Princess Regal sailing us to St. Thomas/St. John, Princess Cays and St. Maarten. These eleven islands were all nice, they had their own little unique parts to them but were all very similar.

Ever since we’ve cruised I believe my family enjoys it more then landing on one destination for a week. Now we consider not just flying to a little country in Europe but to cruise around the edges of Europe instead, to experience more angles of the continent. Even with the islands of Hawaii I would suggest to cruise around them. The islands are fairly alike and a day or a couple hours on each would be the perfect timing.

Although I prefer cruising, landing at a destination is fun too. It really just depends on your styles and interests in certain areas of the world. From my experience I would highly recommend taking a cruise if you haven’t before. You don’t even have to worry about getting sea sick because I assure you, you won’t feel the boat “rock.”


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