Holland America Eurodam

Flashback four years ago, my family decided to go out on limb and take a cruise for the first time. We joined in with another family to accompany us. One of our close family friends, the Sohn’s were also excited to cruise for their first time. The Sohn’s have two girls, one my age, Morgan and one my brothers age, Taylor. Basically, I had a friend and so did my brother.

We cruised out of Fort Lauderdale on a Saturday and were headed to our first destination, Grand Turk. On Grand Turk my family, Morgan and Taylor all took a snorkeling excursion. This excursion was quite an experience. The day we got there it was a nice blazing hot day, only one more detail, the tides were rocky. A rocky tide leaves for a very bumpy boat ride and snorkel tour. While we were on the boat and swimming in the ocean everything felt fine and we had a good time looking at all the fish and coral. Right as we exited the boat we had an instant head ache and the feeling of nausea. My mom, dad and I all laid down on the beach and passed out for a good hour and then my brother being his impatient self woke everyone up and announced he was hungry. Waking up from being sea sick was great, I felt way better then I did when I fell asleep. Although we got a little sick, the beach and scene of the place was amazing. The sand couldn’t have been softer and the beach was all ours.

Our second stop was Puerto Rico where we found ourselves walking around trying to find the ancient forts. These forts were used back in the day to protect the citizens when enemies would come over to fight. In these forts my family and I found old cannon balls, many secluded rooms, and little alleys. The forts were located in a neat spot, right above the ocean. When you would look down you would see the water from the Caribbean crashing up against the rock made to build the forts.

Onto the third stop, St. Thomas located in the Virgin Islands. On this island we shopped the local shops along the ocean side. I got a tee shirt from a store named, Local Color. Other then that we didn’t do much on the island, although I would have to say It was one of the prettiest islands Iv’e ever been on.

Lastly, we stopped at a private island in the Bahamas. Half Moon Cay was a relaxing kind of end of the trip island. My family relaxed on the beach along with the Sohn’s this day and enjoyed the warm sunshine and the clear, blue water. Morgan and I went on a parasailing ride. This was my first time parasailing and it was really cool looking at the island from a Birdseye view.

Then before we knew it, Saturday was here and the cruise had arrived back at Fort Lauderdale. Everyone deported the ship and went their separate ways. After a long week in the Caribbean we were sad to leave but we all said “until next time.” Since our first cruise we have been on two other ones. Holland America was a great experience and I would suggest it to other people trying to cruise.


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