Carnival Legend

The day before our flight to Tampa we got a call, “The Legend has been having engine problems.” I’ve been excited and looking forward to my spring break for months knowing I was going on a cruise. After my family and I receive this call we were all a little nervous about cruising but we packed up and left just like normal.

We landed in Tampa and boarded the Carnival Legend. The Legend was the ship we would be vacationing on for the whole week. The captain said not to worry and that we would be headed to our first destination in no time. We were all relived and became relaxed. The first stop was Cozumel, Mexico a little island off the coast of Rivera Maya, Mexico. After the boat was tied to the port my family raced off and went to look for our excursion we had booked. The excursion was a dune buggy tour. We all hopped on a dune buggy and got to stop at three locations. The first location was a swim and snorkel area where we put on snorkels and flippers an got to swim around with the fish and look at the coral. Onto the next location, a light house. My dad and I walked all the steep steps up to the top of the narrow light house and got to look out at the island, it was very scenic. Lastly, we went to a beach bar where we were fed lunch and got to lay out on the hot sandy beach. Then we had to buggy back to the port and aboard our boat before we missed it.

Our next destination was to Belize, a small country in central America. In this country we took an hour bus ride to the Mayan Ruins. Let me tell you this excursion was not worth it. We were all dehydrated, tired and not ready for the long bus ride there and back. Other then that the ruins were neat but we didn’t get much time to explore before we had to be back on the Legend.

The third country we got to visit was Roatan, Honduras. Roatan is a little island off the coast of Honduras. On Roatan we took a dolphin excursion in a secluded place just off the beach. In this secluded area there were quite a few dolphins swimming around and through your legs as you would swim. They were all so cute and we got many pictures with them. Time went by fast with the ocean animals, we quickly had to get back on the cruise ship.

Finally, the last destination for the trip, Costa Maya, Mexico. We went to Costa Maya instead of Grand Cayman. Yes, my family was all sad because we were really looking forward to Grand Cayman. But due to the engine problems the boat couldn’t travel as fast as they would have liked. Costa Maya was still a great time we went to a beach and relaxed for the day while ordering food and drinks. While we were there we got to shop a little and I got to have a photo-shoot on the beach.

Before we knew it the vacation had come to an end. We spent one last day at sea to get back to Tampa and then home we go. Leaving a vacation is the saddest thing for me. After experiencing all the fun activities we did and making memories It is quite depressing to go back home to the cold. I thought to myself, “Just have to wait one year until next spring break.”


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