Princess Regal

“You can bring a friend on our family spring break vacation this year.” After hearing this I was super excited and quickly decided to take my good friend Jane. Jane was all in and got her flights booked right away to join my family on our cruise.

My family planned a Princess cruise on the ship named the Regal. We chose the Regal because it was one of the newest Princess cruise ships and got great reviews. Also, this ship cruised to places we were interested in seeing. The places we sailed to were St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Princess Cays (A private island in the Bahamas owned by the cruise company).

First we stopped at Princess Cays, on this private island we relaxed on the beach and ate a nice grilled meal with many different fruits. Other then that we slathered on tanning oil in hopes we were tanning. Six hours went by and we got back on board the ship. As we went to shower and get ready for dinner we noticed how fried we got. The tanning oil damaged us, leaving our skin burning for the next couple days.

The next island we arrived at was St.  Thomas, on this island we took an all day snorkeling excursion to the island of St. John’s. This was the coolest experience I have ever had. We got to swim in the beautiful Caribbean looking at all the ocean animals and drifting ashore one of the top ten beaches in the world. Honeymoon beach was the name of this beach. The beach was so sandy and soft and I could have laid on it for a month.

Lastly, we came upon St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a very flat island with not much to do. My mom planned an  excursion so we wouldn’t be “Bored.” Not that you would be bored in the Caribbean anyways but “Da Party Bus” sounded pretty fun. That’s what we did, took a party bus around the island of St. Maarten. On this bus we got to see many gorgeous spots on the island and learn some background on it. After the tour, the bus dropped us off at a special beach on the island. This beach had airplanes flying over head taking bikini tops of ladies. It was quick a laugh to watch multiple people be taken by the airplane drifts.

These three islands conclude our vacation aboard the Princess Regal. We had a couple days at sea to return back to the port in Fort Lauderdale and then sadly we had to fly back home. Another great cruise with my family and Jane in the books. Already looking forward to our next one.


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