KC for the Holidays

Leaves are falling, the air is becoming brisk, and everything is ready for harvest. This explains fall in Iowa. With every fall comes Halloween and Thanksgiving, the holidays everyone enjoys. For every Thanksgiving my family packs up and heads south to Kansas City. In Kansas City we have many relatives who love making Thanksgiving meal.

We usually start the trip the day before Thanksgiving and then stay for Thanksgiving and of course Black Friday. I have an aunt with two kids and an uncle with a girlfriend living in Kansas City.  My family typically stays with my uncle because he is always a great laugh.

Thanksgiving day is busy for most people but my family doesn’t take it to seriously, we like to be relaxed. On the day of Thanksgiving we sleep in and then we just sit around talking and visiting with our relatives until about 1 o’clock when the food is finally prepared. The Thanksgiving meal consists of turkey, ham, hot rolls, green bean casserole, stuffing, fruits and veggies, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Then when everyone’s full we all watch movies and take naps to rest up for the long day of shopping ahead of us. That night we then drive out to the Country Club Plaza to view the turning on of the Christmas lights. The lights line the buildings and light up in a variety of different colors of the rainbow.

Finally, the day I get the most excited for, Black Friday where we literally “shop till we drop.” My mom and I get up at 3 in the morning and hit up all the malls and stores around the malls holding big sales. Malls we like to go to in Kansas City are, Zona Rosa, Legends, and Oak Park. A nicer upscale area you can go down to is the Country Club Plaza having more high end stores. You know that feeling of something dragging on and on, that is what Black Friday shopping with my mom and I feels like. By the end of the day our feet feel numb and we are ready for a long night of sleep.

Spending Thanksgiving in Kansas City is always really enjoyable because we get to meet up with all our extended family we rarely get to see and we get to shop in a bigger city. The time is limited but it’s always good to return back home to Iowa to see some friends before the school week starts up again.


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