Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona is where my uncle Michael lives. Arizona is in the southwestern part of the United States with hundreds of cacti and hours of hot burning sunshine. My uncle loves Phoenix and has lived there for the past ten years and plans on staying.

My family and I were curious why my uncle liked Arizona so much and we decided to plan a vacation there. We vacationed to AZ in 2009 for spring break. Yes, not quite a beach vacation as we all like but it was still warm and relaxing. A few activities we did were the Grand Canyon, the Desert Botanical Gardens, horseback riding, a baseball game at the Scottsdale Stadium, shopping in Scottsdale, and we had a pool day. The most memorable activity was the Grand Canyon by far. We got to walk along the edge of the biggest canyon in the United States. The canyon was lined with beautiful colors covering ever wall and slope. For more information on the Grand Canyon go to this website. The Grand Canyon is a viewpoint you cannot miss out on if you’re in Phoenix. Other then the Grand  Canyon we went horseback riding through the desert. This was my first time riding a horse and it was a good opportunity that I would take again. My horses name was Carmel and my moms horse was named Princess. Carmel was a better behaved horse compared to Princess, Princess had some problems with staying on route and listening to the tour guide. I was just happy it was my moms horse and not mine. Lastly, the Desert Botanical Gardens were really interesting having many different sculptures and visuals I have never seen before. An example of the sculptures are colorful, swirly, long or short, glass objects standing throughout the whole garden. These sculptures were places with the cacti, butterflies, plants and other wildflowers. Everything was very particular.

Visiting Arizona was not only to visit the cool various things we saw but to also see my uncle and spend time with him. The time spent in Arizona was special and I hope to go back someday and tour a college there. Arizona was highly liked by me and I could see myself living there someday or even vacationing there as a snowbird. Warmer climates are for me and Arizona suites that well.


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