After visiting Arizona in 2009, I really liked the climate, the landscape, and the state in general. I have been thinking about Arizona ever since and how interesting it would be to spend some of my life there.

Now that I’m a junior in high school I’ve been starting to think about colleges and what might be the right fit for me. I know if I were to go out of state it would be extremely more expensive opposed to if I stay in state. Honestly, I believe the best fit for me would be out of state in the southern part of the United States. I believe this because the climate is much more mild and warmer then Iowa’s weather.

A specific college I have been more serious about is Arizona state University in Tempe, Arizona. This college is in my mind not only because of the warm weather aspect but also because It is a big college. By big I mean 80,000 people, 60,000 attend classes on campus and 20,000 are enrolled on the online courses. I am interested in big colleges with good sports teams being football or basketball. Another reason Arizona State could be fitting for me is that they have pools around and on campus in which I could lifeguard at year-round. Lifeguarding is my current job and I really enjoy it at the moment but won’t be able to continue guarding if I go to college in state. Other then working at the pools I would definitely want to go layout and get some sun at them which I wouldn’t be able to do in Iowa either. The last other little reason Arizona could be reasonable is because I have an uncle living there. My uncle is my moms brother and could help me out if I were to need anything urgent.

Arizona looks pretty amazing in my eyes but in reality, I have no clue how it would actually be. My family is taking me to tour the university in the spring before my senior year. I will then get to see the set up of the campus and how big it literally is. Compared to the universities in Iowa, Arizona State is at least 50,00 students greater. That is significant coming from small town Cedar Rapids. I’m looking forward to visiting Arizona State and comparing it to all the other colleges I plan on touring.


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