Maui Hawaii

Just when I thought we weren’t going anywhere for spring break, my parents surprised my brother and I with a trip to Hawaii. I was in 5th grade and my brother was in 8th grade. We were both filled with excitement considering we have never been there. Not only were we going over spring break but we extended the trip three days and got to miss a little bit of school. Who wouldn’t want to miss school when you can be enjoying the beautiful islands of Hawaii?

The plan for our trip was simple, we were going to visit three of the Hawaiian islands and just go with the flow. The first island on the itinerary was Maui. Right when we arrived we were starving so we decided to just walk around and try a restaurant. We came upon,  Sarento’s, a very upscale restaurant where we could watch the sun set above the ocean. It was perfect, we all ordered steaks, chicken, purple potatoes, asparagus and while we were leaving they gave us hot hand towels. With the eight hour flight we were all very exhausted. The next day we went to a beach and walked along the shoreline, of course with our water shoes due to all the big rocks and coral they had. This day was very relaxing as we ended it with a huge shaved ice treat. Up on the agenda for the next day was a snorkeling excursion with the company, Trilogy. Trilogy wasn’t just a boring, cliché snorkeling tour. We took a catamaran to Molokini Island and got to view some of the most colorful coral and fish in the world. By far this snorkeling excursion has been the best one I’ve ever taken, basically comparing it to the Caribbean, the pacific ocean had more to look at. Third on our vacation we were told to go up to Lahaina, Maui and visit the Pineapple Grill restaurant and beach. Here we got to enjoy a nice meal and another relaxing day laying out on the hot sandy beach. Finally, our last day on Maui had arrived. My mom made our whole family wake up at 3 in the morning to drive up Mount. Haleakala to be above the clouds for the sunrise. This adventure was super cold and we definitely did not pack warm enough for 30 degree weather. Although the sunrise was neat, that was a good one time experience.

Our time on Maui had come to an end. We had a great time but were excited to spend some of our vacation on the Big Island which was up next. Out of all the islands, I recommend Maui to those of you who are looking for a relaxing vacation with laid back people to be around. Maui is very beautiful and even though It’s small there’s plenty to do and see.


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