The Big Island

After spending four days on Maui I’m not quite sure we were ready for all the sight seeing on The Big Island. The Big Island was not meant for relaxing, we got a house on the side of a volcanic mountain. Around our house lived many native animals being deer, wild chickens, geckos, birds, and bears. We felt as if we were in the middle of no where. Where we had our house the temperatures were a little cooler then Maui considering we were elevated.

The first day we got to walk around the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here we walked on rock and debris from the last volcano eruption. We also got to see the holes and rock formations that the volcanoes left. After walking around and touring this site we drove down the mountain to the hot springs. The hot springs are pools in which were heated from the lava. They were hot but not unbearable, on the signs around the pools we would see them saying Watch Out For Eels. These signs made me hesitant to get in but with my bravery, I jumped right in.

Secondly, The Big Island was known for its black sand beaches and monsterous turtles. We had to spend a day at the beach with the lazy turtles on the burning hot blackened sand. These turtles are not your everyday turtles, they were the biggest of the biggest and most lazy creatures I’ve seen. You could walk right up next to their shell and they wouldn’t crawl an inch.

Lastly, we decided to venture through a rainforest to the Akaka Falls. This waterfall was highly recommended and my dad wanted to see it more than anyone else. After a long hike, we made it to the beautiful 442 foot tall falls. I remember after viewing the falls, I wanted to go down to the bottom and swim under it. I was warned that the water was very cold and It probably wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it looked.

Although The Big Island was interesting and adventurous, our whole family was ready to move onto some more sunshine and relaxing. We all packed up our things and headed for the airport. I would suggest you vacation to The Big Island if you’re interested in learning about Hawaii, the nature of it and how the Hawaiian Islands came to be. This island can be relaxing but it is geared towards the sight seeing. Going to The Big Island is a great time filler if you’re trying to view multiple islands like I did.


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