Options in Texas

Having three siblings and being quite an age difference apart from them is hard to keep up with everyone. My dad has an older sister, and two older brothers. His sister, RoseAnne lives in Michigan for half of the year and for the other half of the year she lives in Utah. One of his brothers, Tom lives in Chicago and the other brother, Bill lives in Texas.

My family doesn’t see Bill as much as we would like to because of the distance between our states. Although the distance is drivable, we don’t head south to Texas at all. I would like this to change. I have been looking into colleges down in Texas. Texas acquries a warmer climate that I feel I would enjoy. Also, Texas has many colleges and a couple of them have a big population meaning I could meet many new faces.

One of the Texas school’s I am seriously looking into is Texas A&M. This one comes to mind not only because it consists of around 60,000 students but also because of their tuition rates. At Texas A&M if you can receive a $1,000 scholarship, you can get in state tuition from the university. In state tuition would save me about $10,000-15,000 a year. Other then that, I like their colors and that they have decent athletic teams. In addition, Texas A&M is know for agriculture and mechanics. I am not looking into those two topics but they also have a program for business. Texas A&M is definitely a school I am thinking about and I would like to tour it someday. Hopefully when I go for a visit I can ever see my uncle Bill.

The second college in Texas I am interested in is the University of Texas. Yes, the atrocious orange and white longhorns. This college sparks my interest not only because it is one of the biggest colleges in the nation, but also because they have one of the biggest greek systems in the country. I would love to be in a sorority someday with a bunch of sisters, always meeting people and doing fun activities. Another great consideration is that the University of Texas is in Austin, Texas. Austin is a huge city with plenty to do, eat, and see. I wouldn’t ever have to worry about being bored.

Everything is a possibility and I am excited to visit both Texas schools and maybe attend one someday. College is so far away but at the same time, so close. Living in Texas could be great for me and I would even get to see my uncle Bill more.


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