Holcomb, Wisconsin

Flashback to when both my grandparents were alive and healthy. My dad’s parents, my grandpa and grandma retired into a lake house in Holcomb, Wisconsin. Holcomb is a very small town in Wisconsin that not to many people know about. There isn’t much to do but boat, be in peace, and go out to eat at the same restaurant.

Every summer my family would make the 8 hour drive to as my mom calls it, “the middle of no where.” We would pack like we were going camping except we had a place to stay. My mom would bring meals to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because my grandparents just kind of ate little by little and didn’t buy groceries often. The drive was awful but as soon as we got there everything was splendid. There at the lake house you could find a big scary dog named tiger, many water activities and I remember the annoying cuckoo clock that would ring off the wall along with the ginormous deer head. The house was weird in a way but my grandparents made it homey.

My favorite part about going up to the lake house was the fact we would always take a long day on the lake boating and relaxing. Grandpa Jamrok owned a speed boat, pontoon boat, paddle boat, kayaks, and the most important his two jet skis. The day we went boating we would always ride up to the sandbar and my grandma and I would through in the water chairs and just relax in the warm sunshine. She loved having her feet dangle in the yucky lake water. I think the thing she enjoyed most was seeing all the green lily pads float along the entire surface. It was very pretty I would have to say myself. Another one of my favorite memories is whenever my grandpa would steer the boat, I would always sit upon his lap and feel like I was the one in charge. He loved my company and I loved being the “queen.”

These days of boating and being on the lake shortly came to an end. By the time I was in first grade my grandma was already in a nursing home and unable to boat. Then when I was in third grade, my dad received the news. His dad had died. This started the process of selling the lake house and all the memorable toys we use to play on. It was hard to see everything go but the time had come, at least I got to enjoy it while it lasted.


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