The Outer Banks

Days, hours, minutes, and seconds went by as my family drove halfway across the United States. Finally, we made it to North Carolina where my family would be spending the next two weeks. Knowing my family we like traveling to beaches. Before relaxing on the beach, we had to sightsee a little.

The first place we arrived at was the Duke University Chapel. The chapel was gorgeous with a huge stain glass window. Next on the list was to walk to the Cameron Indoor Stadium. This stadium is the home of the Duke Blue Devils Basketball Team. Nothing special, just a basketball court with wooden chairs surrounding it.

“Mom when can we go to the beach?” Yes, I was super excited for the beach not really too worried about Duke. We were on the way to our home for the week, “The Flamingo’s Fancy.” Our house was a blue two story house with an in ground pool. We shared this house with some close family friends of ours from Kansas City, the Switzer’s.

“Life’s a beach,” was a saying in a picture frame in the house. I agree, the beach was my first priority. My family packed up quick and headed to the beach. At the beach I got to burry my dad under the sand and go on a search for seashells. I think I brought home 500 seashells this trip.

The next day my parents took us to the Wright Brother’s National Memorial. We got to view where the Wright Brother’s first took off in their glider. Also, we got to see the model of the first glider consisting of a 17 foot wing span. Everything at the memorial and museum was really interesting to my dad since his job at Rockwell revolves around airplanes.

What more can you do on The Outer Banks? There are many lighthouses in North Carolina, these really caught my attention due to the height, view and appearance. I compared the two lighthouses I entered on how tall and how cool the lighthouse looked. Our first lighthouse adventure was up into Cape Hatteras, this castle contains 269 steps. The Ocracoke Lighthouse was the other one we got to see being the oldest operating in North Carolina. Orcacoke is 75 feet.

Lastly, fun fact about North Carolina, the jelly fish don’t sting on the shores there. We arrived on our last beach off of Ocracoke Island. This beach was my favorite on the trip because It was more private and well kept. I found many sand crabs and seashells on this beach as my brother boogie boarded.

The North Carolina vacation was very memorable and I would love to go back. I would even be interested looking into a college there due to the warmer climates and close beaches. If you visit North Carolina I suggest you go to some lighthouses and Orcacoke Island.


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