Biltmore Estate

Found in Asheville, North Carolina is the Biltmore mansion. Taking six years and hundreds of construction workers, this mansion is made up of 250 rooms. The finished home contains over four acres of floor space. “How incredible!”

When I was 7, my family took a vacation to North Carolina and on the way we stopped at Biltmore. I was so intrigued with the mansion. I couldn’t believe how big it was and that people actually lived in it at one point. My whole family received audio sets with headphones and walked through every room of the house listening to all the historical background. There is fours floors to the house, every floor decorated exceptionally well. The room names include, music, breakfast, billiard, smocking, gun, Sheraton, Chippendale, Old English, Mr. Vanderbilt’s bedroom, Louis XV1, Oak sitting, Mrs. Vanderbilt’s bedroom, south tower, north tower, Raphael, Earlom, Watson, Van Dyke, Maryland, Madonna, recreation, halloween, servants’ bedrooms, kitchen’s, pantries, storage, dining, sitting, work, laundry, main, and drying. The Vanderbilt’s had a specific name for each and every room. Some unique features to the house include, a swimming pool, gymnasium, bowling alley, tapestry gallery, library and an elevator. I couldn’t believe they had an elevator installed; I guess if you were tired you wouldn’t really want to walk up four flights of stairs.

My favorite part about the house was that it had a swimming pool. I have fantasized ever since I visited about installing a pool in a home of my own. In the summer I use our above ground pool on the daily and then the pool has to be taken down for the winter. I believe I would get a lot of use out of an indoor pool like the Vanderbilt’s.

Not only was the inside of the house unbelievably gorgeous. Around the outside of the house is 125,000 acres of land in which are kept up nicely as well. In the spring, you will find 100,000 different tulips with brilliant colors. Ponds, trees and other decor also border the mansion. Every part of the property is very admiring.

I highly suggest you to visit the Biltmore mansion if you ever get the chance too. The mansion is definitely something you don’t see on a daily basis. After touring such an expensive home with multi millionaire owners, you realize money can go a long way. Take a look for yourself and see how massive the Biltmore Estate is.



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