Monuments & Memorials in DC

Standing in Washington DC are many monuments and memorials. Most of them are memorable and very significant. My family vacationed one summer to the DC area to sightsee. There wasn’t much relaxing as we were on our feet more then laying horizontal.

We saw almost all the sights you could possibly see in Washington DC. The most memorable sights I saw were definitely the monuments and memorials. The first memorial we went to was built after Thomas Jefferson. This memorial was a huge circular mosque looking type building with many pillars bordering the outskirts of it. It was neat how the creators of the memorial added a statue of Jefferson in the middle. Next we walked over to the Lincoln memorial. At this memorial you would take many steps up to Lincoln perched in a chair at the top. Within these steps there is a distinct spot marked where the “I have a dream speech” by Martin Luther King Jr. was given. Straight out from the steps of the Lincoln memorial, you find the reflecting pool. Specifically this reflecting pool is the largest in Washington DC and to the east of it you view the Washington Monument. Of course we couldn’t miss out on riding up to the top of the 555′ tall monument. The Washington Monument was next on the agenda, we got to ride an elevator to the top and look out on the city. This monument was named after George Washington, our first president who was once also Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. Our next interest was to see the the Vietnam Veterans memorial. This memorial was a quick look, including a black wall kind of in an “L” shape. The Vietnam Veterans wall spread 246 feet, 9 inches long and honored those who died in the Vietnam War. At this wall you will find many people in tears. Onto our last memorial, World War 2 in which we got to see in the starlight of the evening. This memorial was my favorite, the way it was designed was amazing. At night, we got to see all the waterfalls and every block of the memorial light up with spotlights. At the World War 2 memorial, I learned it was dedicated to Americans who served in the military as civilians during the war.

Every memorial and monument I visited was really informational and impressive. It is awesome how the United States honors and remembers important people from time to time. I suggest if you’ve never seen the monuments and memorials in Washington DC, you tour them soon. They are all symbolic and leave a good message with you.


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