I just came back from a Thanksgiving break spent in Kansas City. I got to see all my relatives, catch up with them and eat a grand Thanksgiving meal of course. Out of all my relatives, my uncle David is my favorite. Uncle David is in his thirties and has a girlfriend, Ashley. For Thanksgiving this year, both David and Ashley spent Thanksgiving with Ashley’s family so I was sad I didn’t get to spend time with my favorite uncle. Other then uncle David, I have an uncle Michael, aunt Jane, uncle Harry, cousin Josephine, cousin Isabelle, and grandpa. My aunt Jane and uncle Harry are the family members who live in Kansas City, knowing much about the city.

While we were in Kansas for Thanksgiving not only did we eat a lot and celebrate but I got to tour Kansas University, also known as KU. On this tour I got to walk around the campus and see all the buildings and what the college has to offer. I really liked the campus size and Lawrence, the town KU is located in. I gathered in my knowledge that KU has around 24,000 students which is not to big but not to small. Another factor I like about KU is that the town has cute little shops, restaurants, and good entertainment. All these things are great elements to think about. Lastly, I may be looking into trying out for a dance team position. KU would be a great fit being they aren’t super big, I like their colors, they have a good basketball team that would be fun to dance for, and KU isn’t in Iowa so it would be new people and a new atmosphere to dance in.

Kansas University is a great possibility that I will have to look into more and more as I start narrowing down my decision. Although KU is six hours south of Cedar Rapids, they still get snow and the winters are pretty frigid. I am really dreaming of a college more south where I wouldn’t need to wear a winter coat and feel my toes freeze off even in my furry ugg boots. Another downfall to KU is that the out of state tuition is considerably higher then the college in Iowa. I would need to look into establishing residency so I could pay the in state fee instead. Establishing in state residency can be hard due to all the rules and regulations. KU is definitely a good college to consider. The final decision will be hard but I know it will be the right one.


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