A week in Washington DC was enough, our feet were sore and our legs were tired. My family was ready for some sand between our toes and simply relaxing. We decided to drive from Washington DC to the Maryland beaches.  Another week of vacation was on the itinerary in which we would be staying in Maryland.

When we got to Maryland everyone was relived we would be done with the intense walking from monument to monument or subway to metro. In Maryland we got to enjoy some nice seafood by the ocean, layout on the beach, and shop around. Maryland is known for their beachside boardwalk. This boardwalk wasn’t just a little sidewalk made of wood. The boardwalk was a long and wide walkway made of wood with several shops, entertainment, and bands along the beachside with the noise of the crashing waves in the background. I got some souvenirs on this walk and also got to enjoy some carnival rides. The boardwalk was a great experience and I would love to walk across again someday.

Onto the beaches, my absolute favorite part. On the coast of Maryland there were many beaches to chose from. Our family stayed near our condo where we lived at for the week and enjoyed the beach there. This beach was nothing special but hot sand, many seashells, and some brisk ocean water. During our time at the beach, the most memorable experience was when my dad was boogie boarding with my brother and I and a wave was so strong taking him under the surface and slamming his face into the sand. Right when my dad arose from the extreme wave he realized something was just not quite in place. All of a sudden he knows what had happened, his nose broke. Not a major break but still a black eye and a bruised up, kind of cricked looking nose. This experience in a way was a call to our family saying “It’s time to leave and go back home to Iowa.” Basically, we listened and packed up a day early. As soon as we knew it we were back on the road with a long, long, long car ride ahead of us. No one was excited but as soon as we passed many state borders we found ourselves back In our home state, Iowa.

Washington DC combined with Maryland was a great vacation, it gave a good learning experience but added in the beach. Two weeks might have been a stretch but I would definitely go back someday and see more. Washingto9n DC encloses many historical features and with only a week I know I didn’t get to see everything.



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