Atlanta, GA

Surprises are always arising. My brother was on the competitive lego league team in fourth grade. He went to a couple competitions, racing lego robots. My brother, Quinn and the rest of his team had to compute the robots to go through certain obstacles in a certain time limit and give a presentation. As Quinn’s robotic team entered various competitions they would do decent considering they weren’t very experienced. Then it came  down to the teams last competition in Ames. The team was competing for a chance to go to Atlanta, Georgia and “perform” at the lego league nationals.

As the crowd was cheering, shouting, and being great fans the robot ended with a good time and outstanding performance. Before we knew it, the judges tallied up the scores for the day and the robotics team from Viola Gibson Elementary School-where Quinn attended-won. Our fans were overly excited we would be taking a trip to Georgia for nationals.

Now, with my family we can barely take a vacation without touching the white sandy beach. My parents quickly searched for the nearest beach to Atlanta and we found Panama City to be our best bet. We booked our flights and our 5 day stay at the beach before the big national competition.

My family flew into the Atlanta airport and from there we rented a van and drove to Panama City, Florida. It wasn’t quite the best arrangement to drive all that way but we made it work. When we got to Panama City we walked into our condo where we stayed, opened the screen door and instantly could listen to the most relaxing music of all time, the ocean. My favorite memory is how the trip was very laid back by waking up everyday, eating waffles and then laying out on the beach for 6 hours.

The days went fast and our five days had been up. It was competition time. We drove back to Atlanta, met up with the lego team and enjoyed some Georgian cooked meals. The competition was a couple days and as they competed they didn’t place very high but the most important part of all was how close our teammates got with the Brazilian team who had came. Brazil had there lego team stationed next to ours and it was a good experience meeting new people.

The whole Atlanta, Georgia experience was very memorable and I would love to go back to Panama City someday. Atlanta was more of a one time, city thing. I suggest Panama City to all who want to relax on a Northern Florida beach.



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