Des Monies, Iowa

The biggest city you will find in Iowa is Des Moines. This city is the capital of Iowa with a population of 611, 549 people. Des Monies is considerably greater then any other city in the state of Iowa. Does this make Des Moines the best? In my opinion, yes the population of a city definitely impacts the city in general.

In Des Moines you can find numerous events to attend and activities to participate in. Some examples are the Wells Fargo Arena, Iowa Events Center, Iowa State Capitol Building, Living History Farms, Art Center, Botanical Garden, Drake Stadium, Blank Park Zoo, State Historical Center, Science Center of Iowa, and many more. All of these sites bring many tourists to the city. Also, a lot of these places make up for some fun field trips while in school. When I was in 5th grade my class got to visit the Capitol Building and Living History Farms all in one day. Both were pretty neat to see but the Capitol Building was by far my favorite. The Capitol Building had great architecture and we got to view several rooms where all the decisions take place.

Another great part about Des Monies that attracts my attention is the mall and all the surrounding stores. Des Moines includes Jordan Creek, a decent size mall with department stores and chain stores on the outskirts of it. Every time I drive down to Des Moines I always make at least one trip to Jordan Creek. Jordan Creek is 10 times better then the mall we have here in Cedar Rapids and it even trumps the mall that is a half hour away in Iowa City, Coralridge. Jordan Creek even includes a Cheesecake Factory, my absolute favorite restaurant ever.

Lastly, Des Moines is where the state activities for almost every sport is held. In my situation, state dance takes place in the Wells Fargo Arena. For the past three years I have went to Des Moines on the first weekend in December to compete at the state dance competition with the Kennedy Dance Team. We stay downtown in a hotel close to the venue and get to enjoy the downtown area. This state competition consists of over 200 teams and without the Wells Fargo Arena, I have no clue who would host it in Iowa.

Des Moines really does have some great values to it and represents our state capitol well. I recommend if you ever come to Iowa, visit Des Moines. Spend a couple days there as you will not run out of things to do.


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