Prarie Du Chien, Wisconsin

Every summer I look forward to hanging out with friends, dance camp, visiting Chicago, laying out at the pool, going to concerts, and my birthday. August 9th is my birthday and I always like to do something fun for it. This last summer my friend, Julia texted me two days before my birthday and asked if I would like to join her at Country on the River in Prarie Du Chien, Wisconsin. Now country is my favorite type of music and I would do anything to be a “southern girl.”

As soon as I asked for permission from my mom, I responded to Julia with a huge “YES!” Before I knew it she picked me up and we were on our way to Wisconsin for the big country music fest. When we arrived at the house they had been renting out for the weekend, I was kind of skeptical as they named it the “frat” house. There was nothing bad about it, the house included a homey feel and had several beds. Other then that we were living like country people with one bathroom and a small kitchen. This isn’t anything to complain about, the house was perfect for the amount of time we needed it for.

On the way to the concert we took Julia’s parents jeep and packed about four people over the limit in it. The car ride to the concert was crazy enough as the parents already had their “party” on. When we got to the gravel parking lot we met up with the other kids we knew from school. It was fun all meeting up and getting pumped up for the concert together. We then went into the venue and before we knew it, the lead acts were starting. The two main performers we got to watch were Dierks Bently and Randy Houser. Both acts were great. I have never had a better concert experience. The crowd was packed with hundreds of people surrounding you in every direction and the mud up against your body was fantastic. The whole floor to the concert was dirt which made my cowgirl boots very dusty.

After the concert we took the jeep full of people to Culvers and ordered a gigantic meal while we mingled with the other people getting food as well. The whole time was a blast and I’m looking forward to next year’s experience. Last year I only attended one day but I now know I should do all three days. I’m more then excited, so if you’re a country fan I highly suggest you go to Country on the River.


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