Adventure Land

“You are going to love it at Adventureland.”

Adventureland is an amusement park in Des Moines, Iowa. This amusement park is quite big, having lots of rides to ride and things to see. I have only been to this park once in my life with two of my good friends. The time we went was the summer after 7th grade. Jane, my friend had her mom drive us up to the park. The drive was not bad, only two hours. When we made it to Adventureland we went to some easy rides to start out with. As the day grew longer we ventured to some more scary rides. As a matter of fact, I think we went down all the rides with the exception of the space shot one. The space shot ride was a straight up and down pole with people being dropped and raised back up from a high height. I was not a fan of this one, but my friends Jane and Page went right ahead. After we had enough time on all the rides we walked over to Adventure Bay. Adventure Bay was the water park portion of the park. You’re probably thinking wow the park has roller coasters and watersides, how cool. Yes, the variety is great because you may like water slides better then roller coasters like me.

I would prefer going down a water slide over a roller coaster any day. There is no specific reason behind this, I just like the feeling of water better I guess. Anyways, there isn’t as much to do at the water park then there is at the amusement park. After about two hours we headed out for some pizza at a local pizza shop surrounding the park. The pizza we ate was delicious as we all played the games at the pizza place to entertain us. The drive home had come, the two hours back was going to be a long nap for all of us. We all got cuddly and in no time the car had come to a complete stop and we were back in Cedar Rapids.

Everyone had a great day and I would love to go back sometime, maybe next summer. I highly suggest if you are ever in Des Moines to stop over at Adventureland and enjoy a fun filled day.


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