Iowa State Fair

Do you have a favorite genre of music? Do you ever want to go hear a certain artist? Sometimes in Iowa it is hard to find a concert to go to. Usually, in the summer you can find many venues where concerts are held. One of my favorite venues is the Iowa State Fair.

The Iowa State Fair takes place in Des Moines, Iowa and lasts for about two weeks before school is back in session. I have been to the fair several times but have only went to a concert at the fair once. Last summer I went to the Jake Owen concert at the fair. This concert was a smaller concert but the pit area was wide open so anyone could walk down and join in. This was nice because then you were closer to the performer and you could dance around with everyone. The sound quality was great and Jake Owen was amazing. The concert in general was very enjoyable and of course with it being in the summer it made the country feel of things more real.

Country music isn’t the only genre of music performed at the Iowa State Fair. The schedule mixes up the genres so a variety of people attend. Another great feature of the fair is that not only can you go to the concert while you’re there but you can enjoy all the farm animals the fairgrounds bring in. Also, there are carnival rides, face paint, a bunch of fried food, and more. The fair in general is a fun time even if you don’t have a concert to be at.

One neat addition to my experience at the fair was the time I went to the Jake Owen concert with my friends. We were sitting at a restaurant before the concert filling our tummies and these radio announcers came up to us offering us four backstage passes to The Cadillac Three. We of course took them and got to meet The Cadillac Three before the concert. It was cool watching them perform as an opening act after meeting them.

The Iowa State Fair is truly an exciting time of the summer in Iowa. If you ever get the chance to visit the state fair I highly suggest it. You will eat foods you have never eaten before and pet pets you have never felt before. Plus the state fair is a nice little get-a-way before school starts again.


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