Lost Island

Half way across the United States, Iowa is located. In Iowa there are a limited amount of things to do. In the summer I am always looking for activities to participate in and fun places to go. One place I visit every summer is Lost Island Water park.

Lost Island Water park is found in Waterloo, a 45 minute drive from Cedar Rapids where I live. When I was little my dad would always take my brother, my friend Carlie, and I there. We would pack the car at 9:30 in the morning with all our pool stuff and a picnic for lunch. Then we would arrive at the Water park 15 minutes after it opened so the lines wouldn’t be long. After we entered the park, Carlie and I would run wild and go adventure down every slide. Our favorite slide was the “tornado.” The tornado slide was blue and white striped and had a big drop. At first I was scared of the drop but after riding it a couple of times I got use to it. Three or four hours would pass by and then we would go out to our car to eat lunch. Our lunch consisted of a subway sandwich, chips, cheese sticks, and other snacks. Soon enough lunch was all consumed and we were ready to get on our way to sliding down some more slides. The day went by fast and before we knew it, 5’o clock had come and it was time to go home.

Year after year we would revisit the park until both my brother and I grew old enough to drive. Now a days, I drive up to Lost Island with my friends and we spend the day together. Last summer I went with Noah, Jordan, and Tyler. We all packed into an expedition and made the trip. Everyone enjoyed a fun day and we even stopped at our favorite chain restaurant Culver’s on the way home. Stopping at Culver’s made for a great memory as Noah, the driver dropped his keys in the trash can and we couldn’t find them for a good 20 minutes. Other then that incident the trip went smooth and we all agree’d we needed to go again the next summer.

If you ever visit Iowa and need something fun to do for the day, go to Lost Island Water park. It may not be the best water park in the world, but it sure is the best water park in Iowa.


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