Walt Disney World Internship

There are many opportunities in this world we live in. In Walt Disney World there are endless options one could chose from. Anyone from anywhere in the world could find at least one event to partake in at Walt Disney World.

A convenient opportunity for college students is studying abroad. Now everyone knows about studying abroad, you find a place in your interest, and fly there for a couple months. Studying abroad is a great experience for many young adults. You get to pick up on the culture of a specific location and sight see for days.

Another opportunity that gets over looked is the National Student Exchange. This program is implemented for kids who want to maybe study at a different university for a semester. The National Student Exchange seems to be a good fit for several students looking to get away for a semester and still pay instate tuition. For this program, colleges are limited so if you’re interested, make sure the college you go to has the National Student Exchange.

Other than the National Student Exchange and studying abroad you can go to Walt Disney World. Here, at Walt Disney is an opportunity for college students and many other people. Specifically, Disney has a program geared towards college kids to come and intern with them. Now who would pass up this chance to go to Walt Disney World. First, the internship would look good on any resumé when trying to be employed later in life. Secondly, living in a magical land with all the Disney characters would be a happy experience. Lastly, when interning with such a big organization you can go far, meet lots of new people, and connect with others from all around the world. Making those public relations is the most important.

If you’re looking for many opportunities to participate in during college, check out the studying abroad and National Student Exchange programs but be unique and go intern with Walt Disney World. Being in the atmosphere of Walt Disney is one to remember and why not make a couple extra friends while you’re at it. Don’t just settle for college, go further and look into the fun.


Walt Disney World Water parks

Not only can you enjoy Walt Disney’s theme parks. There are also other attractions if you particularly aren’t “into” that. Disney also has two main water parks included in its’ resort.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is one of the major water parks. At this Typhoon Lagoon you can enjoy the beach, a wave pool, an under water lagoon, a lazy river, and of course many water slides. This wave pool has the biggest waves you will ever find at a wave pool, some are even bigger then waves you may find on the coasts. I spent a lot of time with my family in the wave pool dodging all the monstrous waves. Disney’s Blizzard Beach is the other water park on the resort. This water park is the one to go to if you want to ride water slides. There is also a zip-line activity that catapults you into the water.  By the end of the day you will be hot and ready to cool off with the perfect treat to top off your experience. At this water park you can enjoy a shave ice treat, an ice cream cone, or even other food options. Places in the park for food and treats include, the Warming Hut, Arctic Expeditions, Avalunch, Cooling Hut, Frostbite Freddy’s Frozen Freshments, I.C. Expeditions, Lottawotta Lounge, Mini Donuts at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Waterpark, and Polar Pub. All these locations are found within and around the park, walk around and try out a couple. Lastly, this water park looks like a wintry wonderland but feels like a summer blast. The water slides are designed to look like slopes at a ski resort. The architecture really brings to life your experience at Walt Disney World.

Comparing Walt Disney World’s water parks to other water parks in the world, Disney’s are pretty magical to kids. Adults and families also enjoy their time here as well. The water parks are the biggest but they sure have more to offer for younger aged individuals than others do.

If you ever decide to visit Walt Disney World, take a load off your feet from touring all the theme parks and spend a day or two at the water parks. The water parks aren’t just a small adventure you will remember the experience for a lifetime.

Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Have you ever been to the “happiest place in the world?” Somewhere known as Walt Disney World is said to be the most enjoyable place to visit.

In Walt Disney World there are a variety of activities to participate in. Take your kids and spend a week in the magical land of Walt Disney. First, start with the theme parks and attractions. There are four theme parks within Walt Disney World. My favorite theme park is Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is where you find the big castle you see in every advertisement. In the castle you can dine and talk to all the Disney princess’s. Dining with Jasmine was my favorite part of the whole vacation. We got to eat pancakes together and talk about a princess’s life. Other events at the Magic Kingdom are shows and music. The Kingdom has several shows throughout the day attracting visitors and also music is played around this whole theme park. The Kingdom really is magical and if you bring any little girl there her dreams will come true. Lastly, you can meet and greet with Mickey and Minney. They talk to people all day long. Be sure if you go to Magic Kingdom you bring your signature book and get all the Disney character’s signatures. I still look through my signature book to this day.

The next theme park you might be interested in is Epcot. This is the golf ball type looking structure you might view in advertisements. Epcot is designed to appear as a British village and has a mimic of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. In this village you can meet Disney’s princess, Mulan and eat with her as well. Another attraction for kids is a Disney Pixar film of Finding Nemo. Every child loves this movie and for just an hour and a half you can enjoy it at Epcot.

The last two theme parks are Disney’s Hollywood Studios and  Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At Disney’s Holleywood Studios you can go take art classes on how to draw certain Disney characters. I still have my sketches of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. My whole family took part in this activity and I think my dads sketch turned out the best. Next, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you can find many animals and go on a “safari tour.” This is fun for all ages. At Animal Kingdom you can watch animal shows put on by actors and you can let the kids get there faces painted like animals.

Walt Disney World is a great place to be. Fly or drive your family to the happiest place on earth and enjoy the four theme parks Disney has to offer. Just don’t forget to bring along  your signature books.

The Ozarks

Located in Missouri is, The Lake Of The Ozarks. The Lake Of The Ozarks is one of the highest rated lakes to visit in the United States. Back when I was eight years old, my family packed up the mini van and drove down to “The Ozarks.”

Down at the lakes you can find many things to do and participate in. Activities range from boating, beaching and water parks to shopping, fine dinning and other fun night time games.  In and around the lakes will keep you occupied all day. My family spent a long four day weekend in “The Ozarks” and enjoyed every part of it. We had fairly nice weather except one day the rain was pretty frequent.  Although, the rainy day wasn’t a damper on our trip we made use of it and shopped at all the cute indoor boutiques. There is many shops and boutiques surrounding the lakes to entertain visitors when the weather is dreary. Another activity my mom and I did that day was getting a pedicure. My mom and I always prefer pedicures over manicures because it is way harder to paint your toes then fingers.

If you like to beach, the Ozarks is for you. There are several beaches on the outskirts of the lakes. You can easily rent boats and jet skis to cruise to a nearby beach. Some beaches are just simply to layout on and some beaches have restaurants and bars you can order food from. Beaches with restaurants are my favorite because usually there are parties with music. The beach life in the Ozarks is great but when you compare it to actual beaches on the oceans you might be disappointed. Nothing beats the ocean.

The Lake Of the Ozarks is a very family friendly place to go. If you have little kids or teenagers you can make a great time out of the lakes. The summer is generally the best time to visit the lakes because in the winter, temperatures in Missouri can get down to freezing. Therefore, the lake would be freezing and not to enjoyable. Summer is a prime time for people all over the Midwest to visit the lakes. You can ever get vacation homes and rent cabins if you plan on bringing a huge group of people. Plan your next summer get a way to The Lake Of The Ozarks today.

“Hilton Magic”

Have you ever experienced a basketball game in Hilton Coliseum? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a great time. Hilton is located in Ames, Iowa and is the home of the Iowa State basketball teams.

I have went to several games at Hilton growing up. My dad graduated from Iowa State and my brother now attends this college. Basically, I am a cyclone at heart but by choice I don’t know yet. My favorite part about being a cyclone is participating in the basketball fun. Every basketball game I’ve been to has been a boys game. Some of the games have been big conference games and some games are just season games but whoever ISU plays, it doesn’t matter when it comes to noise. Hilton Coliseum can get so extremely loud you might need some ear plugs before your ear drums pop. In fact, the arena sells ear plugs for the purpose of how loud it can get. A big play may trigger the noise or just some simple encouragement by the fans. It is proven that Hilton Coliseum is one of the loudest places in college basketball. The loud noise isn’t bad though, I look at it as a home court advantage for the players and also a pump up factor for the crowd. All the students in the student section thrive off the noise and how loud they can be. Students bring in megaphones, fat heads, pom poms, clapper hands, and other objects making noise and showing spirit. The atmosphere in Hilton Coliseum is really one to remember. If you go to experience a game you will never forget; either because you can’t hear for the next couple days or because you had a great time cheering on the cyclones.

Going to Iowa State University for college has always been a thought in the back of my mind. A big college with big sports programs is always a great element. Hilton really plays another big part in my decision too. Not only would I be able to be rivals with my friends at different colleges but I would get to experience some great, enthusiastic games my friends wouldn’t.

If you ever go on a college visit or are visiting Ames, Iowa stop by in the winter and get tickets to a game at Hilton Coliseum. You will never have been in a louder atmosphere in your life. Hilton is even louder then some concerts at times.

The Suburbs

In Chicago you can find several suburbs within a vast amount of area. Each suburb contains its own downtown area with a couple places to eat and have beverages. Chicago is a huge city and whenever I visit I usually stay at my aunt and uncles place. My aunt and uncle live in the suburb of Glen Ellyn. This suburb is about a 45 minute drive to the big downtown, so pretty convenient. In Glen Ellyn there is not a whole lot to do but you can make use of it. When my family and I visited last summer, we went to downtown Glen Ellyn and shopped. With all this shopping we needed to sit down for a fulfilling lunch. There was so many choices, we finally decided to eat at The Ivy. The Ivy was a cute restaurant with outdoor seating. Up the walls of the restaurant you could see the bright green vines growing taller and taller. For the meal, my mom and I ordered a salad to split. This salad had fresh mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, roman, basil, and croutons. I could eat this salad all day is was so delighting. Other then the salad we had a delicious pasta to top off the meal. Everything was very elegant and summer oriented. Lunchtime had come to an end and my mom and I went back to our daily doze of shopping. We eventually grew weak and tired and went back to visit with my aunt and uncle. At this time we decided a pizza night would be the right kind of dinner for us. Right away my aunt suggested we go to Giordano’s for the best pizza you can find in Glen Ellyn. At Giordano’s we ordered a cheese and sausage pizza. Both were supper tasty but in my opinion Tomaso’s still has the best pizza. Tomaso’s really tries had to make sure there is enough sauce in every slice for every bit. Also, Tomaso’s bakes the pizza until the crust is just right, not to burnt but not to doughy. Next time I go to Glen Ellyn I really want to revisit The Ivy restaurant and maybe a few new ones. I highly suggest if you ever pass through Glen Ellyn to sweep through downtown and pick up a pizza or maybe just sit outside for a nice chat and drink. If you go the summer is preferred, winter in Illinois can be pretty brutal.