“Hilton Magic”

Have you ever experienced a basketball game in Hilton Coliseum? If you haven’t, you are missing out on a great time. Hilton is located in Ames, Iowa and is the home of the Iowa State basketball teams.

I have went to several games at Hilton growing up. My dad graduated from Iowa State and my brother now attends this college. Basically, I am a cyclone at heart but by choice I don’t know yet. My favorite part about being a cyclone is participating in the basketball fun. Every basketball game I’ve been to has been a boys game. Some of the games have been big conference games and some games are just season games but whoever ISU plays, it doesn’t matter when it comes to noise. Hilton Coliseum can get so extremely loud you might need some ear plugs before your ear drums pop. In fact, the arena sells ear plugs for the purpose of how loud it can get. A big play may trigger the noise or just some simple encouragement by the fans. It is proven that Hilton Coliseum is one of the loudest places in college basketball. The loud noise isn’t bad though, I look at it as a home court advantage for the players and also a pump up factor for the crowd. All the students in the student section thrive off the noise and how loud they can be. Students bring in megaphones, fat heads, pom poms, clapper hands, and other objects making noise and showing spirit. The atmosphere in Hilton Coliseum is really one to remember. If you go to experience a game you will never forget; either because you can’t hear for the next couple days or because you had a great time cheering on the cyclones.

Going to Iowa State University for college has always been a thought in the back of my mind. A big college with big sports programs is always a great element. Hilton really plays another big part in my decision too. Not only would I be able to be rivals with my friends at different colleges but I would get to experience some great, enthusiastic games my friends wouldn’t.

If you ever go on a college visit or are visiting Ames, Iowa stop by in the winter and get tickets to a game at Hilton Coliseum. You will never have been in a louder atmosphere in your life. Hilton is even louder then some concerts at times.


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