The Suburbs

In Chicago you can find several suburbs within a vast amount of area. Each suburb contains its own downtown area with a couple places to eat and have beverages. Chicago is a huge city and whenever I visit I usually stay at my aunt and uncles place. My aunt and uncle live in the suburb of Glen Ellyn. This suburb is about a 45 minute drive to the big downtown, so pretty convenient. In Glen Ellyn there is not a whole lot to do but you can make use of it. When my family and I visited last summer, we went to downtown Glen Ellyn and shopped. With all this shopping we needed to sit down for a fulfilling lunch. There was so many choices, we finally decided to eat at The Ivy. The Ivy was a cute restaurant with outdoor seating. Up the walls of the restaurant you could see the bright green vines growing taller and taller. For the meal, my mom and I ordered a salad to split. This salad had fresh mozzarella, chopped tomatoes, roman, basil, and croutons. I could eat this salad all day is was so delighting. Other then the salad we had a delicious pasta to top off the meal. Everything was very elegant and summer oriented. Lunchtime had come to an end and my mom and I went back to our daily doze of shopping. We eventually grew weak and tired and went back to visit with my aunt and uncle. At this time we decided a pizza night would be the right kind of dinner for us. Right away my aunt suggested we go to Giordano’s for the best pizza you can find in Glen Ellyn. At Giordano’s we ordered a cheese and sausage pizza. Both were supper tasty but in my opinion Tomaso’s still has the best pizza. Tomaso’s really tries had to make sure there is enough sauce in every slice for every bit. Also, Tomaso’s bakes the pizza until the crust is just right, not to burnt but not to doughy. Next time I go to Glen Ellyn I really want to revisit The Ivy restaurant and maybe a few new ones. I highly suggest if you ever pass through Glen Ellyn to sweep through downtown and pick up a pizza or maybe just sit outside for a nice chat and drink. If you go the summer is preferred, winter in Illinois can be pretty brutal.


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