The Ozarks

Located in Missouri is, The Lake Of The Ozarks. The Lake Of The Ozarks is one of the highest rated lakes to visit in the United States. Back when I was eight years old, my family packed up the mini van and drove down to “The Ozarks.”

Down at the lakes you can find many things to do and participate in. Activities range from boating, beaching and water parks to shopping, fine dinning and other fun night time games.  In and around the lakes will keep you occupied all day. My family spent a long four day weekend in “The Ozarks” and enjoyed every part of it. We had fairly nice weather except one day the rain was pretty frequent.  Although, the rainy day wasn’t a damper on our trip we made use of it and shopped at all the cute indoor boutiques. There is many shops and boutiques surrounding the lakes to entertain visitors when the weather is dreary. Another activity my mom and I did that day was getting a pedicure. My mom and I always prefer pedicures over manicures because it is way harder to paint your toes then fingers.

If you like to beach, the Ozarks is for you. There are several beaches on the outskirts of the lakes. You can easily rent boats and jet skis to cruise to a nearby beach. Some beaches are just simply to layout on and some beaches have restaurants and bars you can order food from. Beaches with restaurants are my favorite because usually there are parties with music. The beach life in the Ozarks is great but when you compare it to actual beaches on the oceans you might be disappointed. Nothing beats the ocean.

The Lake Of the Ozarks is a very family friendly place to go. If you have little kids or teenagers you can make a great time out of the lakes. The summer is generally the best time to visit the lakes because in the winter, temperatures in Missouri can get down to freezing. Therefore, the lake would be freezing and not to enjoyable. Summer is a prime time for people all over the Midwest to visit the lakes. You can ever get vacation homes and rent cabins if you plan on bringing a huge group of people. Plan your next summer get a way to The Lake Of The Ozarks today.


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