Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Have you ever been to the “happiest place in the world?” Somewhere known as Walt Disney World is said to be the most enjoyable place to visit.

In Walt Disney World there are a variety of activities to participate in. Take your kids and spend a week in the magical land of Walt Disney. First, start with the theme parks and attractions. There are four theme parks within Walt Disney World. My favorite theme park is Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is where you find the big castle you see in every advertisement. In the castle you can dine and talk to all the Disney princess’s. Dining with Jasmine was my favorite part of the whole vacation. We got to eat pancakes together and talk about a princess’s life. Other events at the Magic Kingdom are shows and music. The Kingdom has several shows throughout the day attracting visitors and also music is played around this whole theme park. The Kingdom really is magical and if you bring any little girl there her dreams will come true. Lastly, you can meet and greet with Mickey and Minney. They talk to people all day long. Be sure if you go to Magic Kingdom you bring your signature book and get all the Disney character’s signatures. I still look through my signature book to this day.

The next theme park you might be interested in is Epcot. This is the golf ball type looking structure you might view in advertisements. Epcot is designed to appear as a British village and has a mimic of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. In this village you can meet Disney’s princess, Mulan and eat with her as well. Another attraction for kids is a Disney Pixar film of Finding Nemo. Every child loves this movie and for just an hour and a half you can enjoy it at Epcot.

The last two theme parks are Disney’s Hollywood Studios and  Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At Disney’s Holleywood Studios you can go take art classes on how to draw certain Disney characters. I still have my sketches of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. My whole family took part in this activity and I think my dads sketch turned out the best. Next, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you can find many animals and go on a “safari tour.” This is fun for all ages. At Animal Kingdom you can watch animal shows put on by actors and you can let the kids get there faces painted like animals.

Walt Disney World is a great place to be. Fly or drive your family to the happiest place on earth and enjoy the four theme parks Disney has to offer. Just don’t forget to bring along  your signature books.


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