Walt Disney World Internship

There are many opportunities in this world we live in. In Walt Disney World there are endless options one could chose from. Anyone from anywhere in the world could find at least one event to partake in at Walt Disney World.

A convenient opportunity for college students is studying abroad. Now everyone knows about studying abroad, you find a place in your interest, and fly there for a couple months. Studying abroad is a great experience for many young adults. You get to pick up on the culture of a specific location and sight see for days.

Another opportunity that gets over looked is the National Student Exchange. This program is implemented for kids who want to maybe study at a different university for a semester. The National Student Exchange seems to be a good fit for several students looking to get away for a semester and still pay instate tuition. For this program, colleges are limited so if you’re interested, make sure the college you go to has the National Student Exchange.

Other than the National Student Exchange and studying abroad you can go to Walt Disney World. Here, at Walt Disney is an opportunity for college students and many other people. Specifically, Disney has a program geared towards college kids to come and intern with them. Now who would pass up this chance to go to Walt Disney World. First, the internship would look good on any resumé when trying to be employed later in life. Secondly, living in a magical land with all the Disney characters would be a happy experience. Lastly, when interning with such a big organization you can go far, meet lots of new people, and connect with others from all around the world. Making those public relations is the most important.

If you’re looking for many opportunities to participate in during college, check out the studying abroad and National Student Exchange programs but be unique and go intern with Walt Disney World. Being in the atmosphere of Walt Disney is one to remember and why not make a couple extra friends while you’re at it. Don’t just settle for college, go further and look into the fun.


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