New Zealand

If you ever go to Australia, on the way to or from there you can stop at a nearby island. Located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia is New Zealand. New Zealand is made up of two islands in which were created from an volcanic eruption. These islands are known apart from each other by the “North” and “South” Island. The islands are pretty comparable in size but the “South” island is a tad larger.

Many adventurers come to New Zealand because the islands have many “behind the scenes” and hidden features to it. On the list for the first adventure to take is to tour the Rotorua. The Rotorua is known to be the wonderland of New Zealand. Tourists call it this due to the natural beauty is encloses with all the geysers and hot springs. At the Rotorua you can observe many eruptions taking place. These eruptions give a colorful experience for all tourists, encouraging them to come again. Up next on the list of activities, go see Sky Tower. From the Sky Tower you can look out and view the largest city in New Zealand at a height of 328 meters. The Sky Tower not only offers various views to the people but also allows people to enjoy a fine meal in the dining area. The Sky Tower is a have to do because you will discover more about the city then you would walking through it. Another attraction you have to go see is the Tangariro National Park. This National Park is known throughout the world and popular for its surprises and extremes. The park includes a wide range of ecosystems with lakes, volcanoes, herb fields, forests, and desert-like plateaus. The hike through this National Park will take up about a whole day so be ready for a long adventure. Everything surrounding you in this park is important, the substance below you could be from 100 years ago while the water in front of you may be from three days ago.

When in New Zealand, don’t be lazy. Go explore the beautiful islands and spend your time equally on each island because they both have lots to see.




Found in the Caribbean between North and South America there are several islands. The Bahamas lie there, the virgin islands are there and many other little pieces of land. One island in the Caribbean that is ranked 11th in the New York Times Magazine for top places to travel in 2016 is Guadeloupe. If you fly Norwegian Air you can find a direct flight to Guadeloupe and be there in no time.

Many tourists visit Guadeloupe with many landmarks attracting their attention. The first attraction to visit, ranked number one is the Guadeloupe National Park. In this park you can find a variety of things to look at and be surrounded by. This park encompasses 300 kilometers of hiking trails and a wide range of plants and animals. Don’t be frightened to walk upon a woodpecker. If you’re a birdwatcher, the Guadeloupe National Park is for you as it has up to 11 different species of bats. Also located in this park are tropical rain forests with different trees and bamboos crowding over you in every direction. On all the trails throughout this amazing park you can stand upon a lots of scenic lookout points. These include picnic areas, a jungle, and multiple waterfalls. Just remember to not go to close to the edge of the cliffs. Next up on your top rated attractions in Guadeloupe is the La Soufriere. The La Soufriere is an active volcano open to all visitors which has erupted eight times since 1660. Near and around the volcano are mud pools and hot springs. Hot springs are little pools that are heated by the volcano overflow. These are very neat, you can swim in them but be careful for the deadly animals that live within them. I have been warned by a park ranger before on the eels found in hot springs. Other than the volcano, hot springs and mud pools you can hike several trails leading up to the unknown. This trip is adventurous and very beautiful with many picture moments. Lastly, the more relaxing part of the vacation has arrived. Visit the terre-de-Bas island off of western Guadeloupe. On the Terre-de-Bas you will find a nice bay where it is enjoyable to go snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, or just laying out under the scorching sun.

The island of Guadeloupe has a lot to offer within a little radius of land. I highly suggest you visit Guadeloupe as is it rated to be 11th on your bucket list of places to go in 2016. Don’t do too much relaxing and go explore the island. You can lay out on any beach but you can’t always meet the wildest animals in a tropical rain forest.


Located on the northwestern part of Africa you find a small piece of land claimed as Morocco. Morocco isn’t just some African country. In Morocco you can experience some amazing views, landmarks, and activities. Morocco is known for its Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences.

When visiting Morocco, many people spend up to seven days just tasting and trying all the food they have to offer. There culture is heavily centered around different foods. Another cultural aspect you can get to know when in Morocco is their handmade crafts and other products. They have a wide variety of traditional artisan poetry, clothing, and woodworks. Just within the first day you land on Morocco you will pick up on their strong cultural beliefs.

Other then the culture, Morocco is known for all its attractions and hidden beauty. You can take a tour to the Roman ruins which sit upon the countryside. Here you can view historical columns and temple fragments constructed several years ago. This is a top hit for the tourists of Morocco. Another attraction to make sure you see is Moulay Idriss. The Moulay Idriss is the name of a sacred city in Morocco. This city has the most colorful buildings and they are laid out down a hillside making the city very dimensional. On the way to this city or from this city you can go to the Roman ruins. Next up, you can go to The Museum of Moroccan Art. Built in 1822 it has some of the richest pieces of art and sculptures to be found. Although, the museum is mainly dedicated to all the arts and crafts distinguishing the Moroccan culture. Not only is the museum a great feature, you can also view the garden outside and get some pictures with the numerous arrangements of flowers. Lastly, you can’t miss out on the many beaches on the coast of Morocco. From surfing to yoga to riding a camel on the beaches you will find great events to fill your time. I suggest to ride a camel across the beach because you may never get this amazing chance again. Remember to always get help when hiking upon a camels back, they are bumpy and oddly shaped. No one would want to ruin their vacation by falling off a camel.

Morocco is a great country to visit and there are so many fun places to see and things to do. Take your family and hop up on a camel or go the scenic route and travel through the grand cities. Boredom is definitely not a word in which will be stated on this vacation.

Canary Islands

Have you ever noticed the small islands off the coast of Morocco? There are seven little islands that look like they are part of Africa but they are actually owned by Spain. These islands are known as the Canary Islands and the native language is Spanish. The Canary Islands are made from a volcanic explosion and are known for their black and white sand beaches.

The Canary Islands are grouped together with seven pieces. All seven pieces include, La Palma, Teneriffa, La Gomera, El Hierro, Grand Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura. The biggest of the islands is Teneriffa. Teneriffa is known for its huge mountain sometimes having snowy peaks. There is a national park designated to this mountain with observatory outlooks. The second biggest island is Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is the island most tourists vacate to just because it is known for the relaxing vibes it gives. Here people watch the magical sunsets, climb the outrageously tall sand dunes and enjoy the Gran Tarajal seafood dish. Other than that, travelers lay on all the amazing beaches soaking in their vitamin D. If you’re searching for a more family oriented island, Grand Canaria is the island to chose. Grand Canaria is a popular stop for cruise ship which means they cater to people of all ages. This island will have your local shops to buy souvenirs in and lots of fun touristy excursions to go on. Two specific excursions I would recommend are going to see the sand sculptures and also whale/dolphin watching. Just some activities you don’t get to do on a daily bases. The last island you should travel to is La Palma. La Palma is the island to start off with if you are a nature lover. This island is made up of many reserves and natural features. Here you can go venture through the national parks including rain forests, water falls, and a night sky full of stars. La Palma is naturally the most beautiful of all the Canary Islands and shows off the beauty of Spain.

The Canary Islands are for everyone. They have just a little bit of everything ranging from white snowy peaks to white sand beaches. If you’re looking for your next vacation destination pick the Canary Islands. I suggest you visit sometime between April and September because that is when the climate will be the most balmy. Although, no matter when you go, the trip will be an amazing experience.


In northern France you can find a little city known as Paris. Paris is one of the most desirable places to visit if you like to tour. In Paris you can chose from a variety of things to do but I suggest you sight see more than relax. Relaxing is for the week after when you go down south to the beaches on the Mediterranean.

To start out, Paris is in a different country so you can try some new foods while you’re there. Some dishes you need to taste are, the Pain Au Chocolat, Croque Monsieur,  Salade Nicoise, Crepes, Escargot, Streak Frites, Brandade de Morue, Fromage, and Macaron. All of these dishes are specifically special to the french culture. For breakfast you can have the crepes or croque monsieur. Around lunchtime you can order the salade nicoise or the escargot dish. Then for an appetizer before dinner try the fromage and macaron. Finally, dinner time has arrived for you and your stomach is growling for the best dish in Paris. Take your chances and order the steak frites, this will fill you up in no time. Lastly, don’t forget dessert, the best meal of the day of course. A warm dish of pain au chocolat will top off your taste buds. The food in Paris is one of a kind and every restaurant is very formal, so dress your best.

After tasting around and viewing your food options, go view some of the tourist attractions in the city. First, take a trip to the Eiffel Tower and get a picture in front of the 324m high landmark. The picture will be worth a lifetime. Next, go view the art museum and take a look at the vast collection of paintings by the most famous artists in the world. Other then the art museum there are numerous other buildings like it that show the cool architecture of the city. They are ancient and look unique compared to the buildings back in the United States.

Traveling to Paris would definitely be a trip to mark off your bucket list. Viewing the Eiffel Tower is something everyone deserves to see in person at some point in their life. Book your plane tickets today, the flight isn’t too long and is worth the cost. Try to travel there in May when everything is in bloom but whenever you decide to go, the trip will be great. Your experience in Paris will be remembered forever.


Have you taken a course to learn a foreign language? Learning spanish in high school is a very popular class. Many students enroll in spanish one, two, three, and four. These four years of spanish can come in very useful. The world is changing and more people are fluent in both spanish and english. Knowing spanish can only help you grow and connect with others.

Spanish is helpful in America and other countries but in Spain it is almost required you know it. If you are a student and plan to attend college, you have the option of studying abroad. The study abroad program offers many opportunities and places to travel for students. They range from Australia to Europe. Although it may be hard to make a decision, with being able to fluently speak spanish, Spain would be a great choice for you.

When studying abroad, the only task isn’t to just learn, go out and take chances in the country. Spain offers many places to go sight see and expand your education. The country of Spain isn’t huge in size but it sure does have a fun culture to it. The first thing to do when visiting Spain is to go relax on all their beaches. A couple of beaches to mark off your list are, Ibiza, Majorca, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lazarote, Grand Canaria, Minorca, Marbella, and Costa Calma. All these beaches include their own unique and sandy features. If possible, take up to two weeks on viewing the numerous beaches. Next activity to adventure on when in Spain is the Plaza de Espana, At the Plaza you can enjoy some nice architectural buildings in which surround you. Don’t get lost, the buildings in Spain are grand and look similar in ways. Lastly, don’t miss out on “La Rambla.” La Rambla is a market or downtown area in Spain where several tourists walk around and shop. It is like a strip mall in America where stores are lined up down a row. You can’t leave Spain without a souvenir so make sure you visit some sort or market.

If you can afford the expense of studying abroad in another country, take the chance. Traveling out of the country and furthering your knowledge in a different environment is a great idea. Also, when studying abroad it shows employers you’re willing to go out of your box and you’re more likely to get hired. Check out the option of studying abroad and consider Spain!

Sea World

Enjoy a fun filled trip to Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Maybe you don’t want to visit Walt Disney World and have more of a desire to see all the sea animals and get involved in the entertainment at Sea World. Or just incase you had too much fun at Walt Disney World, you can further the fun at Sea World.

Sea World is just like what it sounds like and so much more. First off, Sea World is appropriate for all ages and has a variety of activities to fulfill the different age groups. The attractions at Sea World go from rides to shows to exhibits to exclusive park experiences. The rides include, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Manta, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis,  Wilde Arctic ride, Sky Tower, Paddle Boats, and Shamu’s Happy Harbor. All these rides are geared towards the sea world animals and the features throughout the park. After enjoying some rides you might be ready to sit down at one or a couple of the six shows they have to offer. These six shows are One Ocean, Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High, Ocean Discovery, Blue Horizon’s, America’s Hero Concerts, and Pets Ahoy. All the shows listed are unique to themselves and each showcase different sea animals. While you may be amazed by all the animals’ abilities there is more to see at the park. Don’t miss out on the awesome exhibits Sea World has. They have 12 exhibits all majestical and diverse. The exhibits are Shamu Underwater Viewing, Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Nursery, Manta Aquarium, Pacific Point Preserve, Wild Arctic, TurtleTrek, Shark Encounter, Stingray Lagoon, Pelican Preserve, Sea Garden, and Jewel Of the Sea Aquarium. Exhibits are fun to go look at but remember to be respectful of all the animals. Lastly, don’t forget about the exclusive park experiences where you can get tickets to meet in greet with the animals, get close up seats at shows, go behind the scenes, or just a simple tour.

Throughout this park you can experiment with so many events. Don’t just spend one day at Sea World, block off at least three days because you never know, after seeing two shows you could decide you want to see all six. The park at Sea World has a lot to take in and look at. The kids enjoy the tours and fun the most so take your kids and relax at Sea World.