Have you ever been to the longest state along the western coast?  This state stretches for nearly 900 miles and is known as California. California has some of the most amazing features a state has to offer. You can go to California to experience the beach, mountains, forests, shops, and fame.

When vacationing to California, you need to pick a specific location because you can’t  visit the whole state in a limited time span. The first city you should fly into is San Francisco. There is a bunch of fun things to do and see in “San Fran.” I would start out by biking, walking, or driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge is the huge bridge you see in all the pictures explaining California. The Golden Gate Bridge is one-mile wide and three miles long. The purpose of the bridge is to transport people from the San Francisco Bay to  the Pacific Ocean side of California. Another great thing about the bridge is looking at it at night from a far. The bridge lights up and shines for the whole city to see. Lastly, before leaving go walk through the red woods. The red woods are famous to California and offer a nice visual for all to see. There is a National Park designated to the red woods where you can tour the forest. Don’t miss out on these two opportunities when in “San Fran.”

After spending a couple of days in San Francisco, I would head on over to the massive city of Los Angeles. This is about a six hour drive to southern California. Here in Los Angeles you can go see Hollywood Boulevard. Hollywood Boulevard isn’t just any street.  This street is lined with palm trees, shops, and lots of entertainment. You could spend a couple days hanging out here and enjoying your time. Also, don’t forget to go and get your picture on the Hollywood sign. You will want that picture later on down the road. When your vacation start winding down, take a couple days to relax on the Venice Beach. This beach is one of California’s best beaches. At this beach you can consider yourself in paradise or you can get up on a surfboard and ride the waves. Beaches are always a good time so don’t pass up this one.

California is really a neat place to travel. The state in general gets great reviews and guarantees every tourist will enjoy. No matter if you like the warm or cold weather, you can find both temperatures here. Go online and book your tickets today to California.



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