Sea World

Enjoy a fun filled trip to Sea World in Orlando, Florida. Maybe you don’t want to visit Walt Disney World and have more of a desire to see all the sea animals and get involved in the entertainment at Sea World. Or just incase you had too much fun at Walt Disney World, you can further the fun at Sea World.

Sea World is just like what it sounds like and so much more. First off, Sea World is appropriate for all ages and has a variety of activities to fulfill the different age groups. The attractions at Sea World go from rides to shows to exhibits to exclusive park experiences. The rides include, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, Manta, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis,  Wilde Arctic ride, Sky Tower, Paddle Boats, and Shamu’s Happy Harbor. All these rides are geared towards the sea world animals and the features throughout the park. After enjoying some rides you might be ready to sit down at one or a couple of the six shows they have to offer. These six shows are One Ocean, Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High, Ocean Discovery, Blue Horizon’s, America’s Hero Concerts, and Pets Ahoy. All the shows listed are unique to themselves and each showcase different sea animals. While you may be amazed by all the animals’ abilities there is more to see at the park. Don’t miss out on the awesome exhibits Sea World has. They have 12 exhibits all majestical and diverse. The exhibits are Shamu Underwater Viewing, Dolphin Cove, Dolphin Nursery, Manta Aquarium, Pacific Point Preserve, Wild Arctic, TurtleTrek, Shark Encounter, Stingray Lagoon, Pelican Preserve, Sea Garden, and Jewel Of the Sea Aquarium. Exhibits are fun to go look at but remember to be respectful of all the animals. Lastly, don’t forget about the exclusive park experiences where you can get tickets to meet in greet with the animals, get close up seats at shows, go behind the scenes, or just a simple tour.

Throughout this park you can experiment with so many events. Don’t just spend one day at Sea World, block off at least three days because you never know, after seeing two shows you could decide you want to see all six. The park at Sea World has a lot to take in and look at. The kids enjoy the tours and fun the most so take your kids and relax at Sea World.


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