Have you taken a course to learn a foreign language? Learning spanish in high school is a very popular class. Many students enroll in spanish one, two, three, and four. These four years of spanish can come in very useful. The world is changing and more people are fluent in both spanish and english. Knowing spanish can only help you grow and connect with others.

Spanish is helpful in America and other countries but in Spain it is almost required you know it. If you are a student and plan to attend college, you have the option of studying abroad. The study abroad program offers many opportunities and places to travel for students. They range from Australia to Europe. Although it may be hard to make a decision, with being able to fluently speak spanish, Spain would be a great choice for you.

When studying abroad, the only task isn’t to just learn, go out and take chances in the country. Spain offers many places to go sight see and expand your education. The country of Spain isn’t huge in size but it sure does have a fun culture to it. The first thing to do when visiting Spain is to go relax on all their beaches. A couple of beaches to mark off your list are, Ibiza, Majorca, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lazarote, Grand Canaria, Minorca, Marbella, and Costa Calma. All these beaches include their own unique and sandy features. If possible, take up to two weeks on viewing the numerous beaches. Next activity to adventure on when in Spain is the Plaza de Espana, At the Plaza you can enjoy some nice architectural buildings in which surround you. Don’t get lost, the buildings in Spain are grand and look similar in ways. Lastly, don’t miss out on “La Rambla.” La Rambla is a market or downtown area in Spain where several tourists walk around and shop. It is like a strip mall in America where stores are lined up down a row. You can’t leave Spain without a souvenir so make sure you visit some sort or market.

If you can afford the expense of studying abroad in another country, take the chance. Traveling out of the country and furthering your knowledge in a different environment is a great idea. Also, when studying abroad it shows employers you’re willing to go out of your box and you’re more likely to get hired. Check out the option of studying abroad and consider Spain!


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