In northern France you can find a little city known as Paris. Paris is one of the most desirable places to visit if you like to tour. In Paris you can chose from a variety of things to do but I suggest you sight see more than relax. Relaxing is for the week after when you go down south to the beaches on the Mediterranean.

To start out, Paris is in a different country so you can try some new foods while you’re there. Some dishes you need to taste are, the Pain Au Chocolat, Croque Monsieur,  Salade Nicoise, Crepes, Escargot, Streak Frites, Brandade de Morue, Fromage, and Macaron. All of these dishes are specifically special to the french culture. For breakfast you can have the crepes or croque monsieur. Around lunchtime you can order the salade nicoise or the escargot dish. Then for an appetizer before dinner try the fromage and macaron. Finally, dinner time has arrived for you and your stomach is growling for the best dish in Paris. Take your chances and order the steak frites, this will fill you up in no time. Lastly, don’t forget dessert, the best meal of the day of course. A warm dish of pain au chocolat will top off your taste buds. The food in Paris is one of a kind and every restaurant is very formal, so dress your best.

After tasting around and viewing your food options, go view some of the tourist attractions in the city. First, take a trip to the Eiffel Tower and get a picture in front of the 324m high landmark. The picture will be worth a lifetime. Next, go view the art museum and take a look at the vast collection of paintings by the most famous artists in the world. Other then the art museum there are numerous other buildings like it that show the cool architecture of the city. They are ancient and look unique compared to the buildings back in the United States.

Traveling to Paris would definitely be a trip to mark off your bucket list. Viewing the Eiffel Tower is something everyone deserves to see in person at some point in their life. Book your plane tickets today, the flight isn’t too long and is worth the cost. Try to travel there in May when everything is in bloom but whenever you decide to go, the trip will be great. Your experience in Paris will be remembered forever.


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