Located on the northwestern part of Africa you find a small piece of land claimed as Morocco. Morocco isn’t just some African country. In Morocco you can experience some amazing views, landmarks, and activities. Morocco is known for its Berber, Arabian, and European cultural influences.

When visiting Morocco, many people spend up to seven days just tasting and trying all the food they have to offer. There culture is heavily centered around different foods. Another cultural aspect you can get to know when in Morocco is their handmade crafts and other products. They have a wide variety of traditional artisan poetry, clothing, and woodworks. Just within the first day you land on Morocco you will pick up on their strong cultural beliefs.

Other then the culture, Morocco is known for all its attractions and hidden beauty. You can take a tour to the Roman ruins which sit upon the countryside. Here you can view historical columns and temple fragments constructed several years ago. This is a top hit for the tourists of Morocco. Another attraction to make sure you see is Moulay Idriss. The Moulay Idriss is the name of a sacred city in Morocco. This city has the most colorful buildings and they are laid out down a hillside making the city very dimensional. On the way to this city or from this city you can go to the Roman ruins. Next up, you can go to The Museum of Moroccan Art. Built in 1822 it has some of the richest pieces of art and sculptures to be found. Although, the museum is mainly dedicated to all the arts and crafts distinguishing the Moroccan culture. Not only is the museum a great feature, you can also view the garden outside and get some pictures with the numerous arrangements of flowers. Lastly, you can’t miss out on the many beaches on the coast of Morocco. From surfing to yoga to riding a camel on the beaches you will find great events to fill your time. I suggest to ride a camel across the beach because you may never get this amazing chance again. Remember to always get help when hiking upon a camels back, they are bumpy and oddly shaped. No one would want to ruin their vacation by falling off a camel.

Morocco is a great country to visit and there are so many fun places to see and things to do. Take your family and hop up on a camel or go the scenic route and travel through the grand cities. Boredom is definitely not a word in which will be stated on this vacation.


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